Identidad Madidi STUDY SITES

The planned study sites will span more tan 5,000 meters in altitude from High Andean puna at more than 5,250 meters above sea level, to the tropical lowland Amazonian savannas at just 180 meters above sea level, visiting a total of 15 poorly known and inaccessible sites with great biological potential.

Madidi research campaigns in 2015

Montane savannas and gallery forests (2000-1500 m)
6th - 20th June 2015
Reference – On road to Sarayoj

Dry montane forest (1750-1250 m)
22nd June - 16th July
Reference – Near Sipia

Treeline elfin forest (3750-3250 m)
12th – 23rd March
Reference – Puina valley

Paramo grasslands (4250-3750 m)
13th – 22nd August
Reference – Puina Valley

High Andean western Puna (5250-4750 m)
4th – 13th September
Reference – Near Challhuani

Lower foothill forest (750-250 m)
11th – 30th October
Reference - Alto Madidi

Madidi research campaigns in 2016

Lower foothill forest (750-250 m)
22md April – 15th May
Reference - Río hondo

Upper foothill forest (1250-750 m)
Reference – Trail from Mamacona

Upper montane cloud forest (3250-2750 m)
25th March – 5th April
Reference – In Tigremanta

Montane cloud forest (2750-2250 m)
1st – 15th May
Reference – Trail from Puina to Moxos

Mid-montane forest (2250-1750 m)
19th May – 2nd June
Reference – Near Moxos

Madidi research campaigns in 2017

Amazonian Forest (180 m)
Reference – Heath River

Seasonally inundated Amazonian grasslands (180 m)
Reference – Pampas del Heath

Lower montane forest (1750-1250 m)
9th – 23rd August
Reference – Near Pata

High Andean eastern Puna (4750-4250 m)
24th August – 2nd September
Reference – Near Huacantarani