The following are the objectives of Madidi:

  • Permanently protect pristine and representative examples of Amazoniana and Yungas ecosystems and their extraordinary biodiversity, genetic resources and species of conservation importance.
  • Protect geomorphological formations and unique landscapes of the Cordillera Real, sub Andean escarpments, foothill forest and alluvial plains.
  • Protect watersheds hydrology especially the headwaters considering high precipitation in most of the area, broken topography characterized by steep slopes and extremely fragile soils.
  • Protect and safeguard the cultural richness of ancient colonial peoples and the values and archeological relevance of the area.
  • Promote the sustainable use of natural resources by local people who traditionally live there so as to improve local livelihoods and access to the benefits derived from the conservation and management of the area.
  • Contribute to the safeguarding of cultural heritage and the rescue of traditional resource use techniques and systems of the original inhabitants.
  • Promote the use of and recovery of traditional natural resource use technology and systems, as well as alternative forms of improving production to contribute to livelihood improvements for the local population.
  • Promote productive activities in the Natural Area for Integrated Management that are framed within the conservation objectives and sustainable development and that are demonstrative examples that do not jeopardize or damage ecosystems and natural processes.
  • Offer wide opportunities for recreation in nature, ecotourism, environmental interpretation and environmental education.
  • Offer opportunities for scientific investigation and monitoring ecological processes.