Supporting the development and improvement of the policy and legal framework on wildlife protection

WCS Viet Nam works to build political commitment to combat wildlife trafficking. We conduct legal research and analysis and provide suggestions for developing a number of important legal documents on wildlife management and protection. We have  also provided data as evidence and assisted government agencies in reviewing, amending and improving relevant regulations in this area. In addition, WCS, in collaboration with local partners, has launched initiatives to improve the legal framework on wildlife protection and enforcement of relevant laws such as a study on feasibility of establishing an environmental court in Viet Nam; reviewing  court cases and developing case law on wildlife; application of “Points to prove” approach in handling wildlife cases etc.

Our work aims to encourage the government agencies to adopt a strategic and comprehensive approach to tackling wildlife crime that will effectively disrupt, degrade and eventually dismantle the major wildlife trafficking networks; and that will also reduce consumer demand for wildlife and wildlife products.


Key achievements:

  • Reports on IWT were sent to government officials;
  • Coordinated with the National Assembly Agencies to review, evaluate and build development of legal documents for guidance and suggestions on legal documents related to nature conservation and IWT prevention;
  • Contributed recommendations on a number of important documents such as the Criminal Code 2015, amended in 2017, Decree 06/2019 / ND-CP, Decree 35/2019 / ND-CP, Resolution 05/2018 / NQ-HDTP; The revision of the Decree No. 06/2019/ND-CP dated January 22, 2019; the draft of Directive No. 29/2020/CT-TTg dated July 23, 2020 on some urgent solutions for wildlife management
  • Supported the wildlife trafficking law enforcement network in partnership with CITES Management Authority of Vietnam and the standing agency of the Wildlife Trade Law Enforcement Network (VN -WEN).
  • WCS Vietnam cooperated with the Central Propaganda Department, organized a number of seminars and training activities to attract the attention of editors and reporters in this field. Mobilize media participation through support finance and information for press to conduct field trips.
  • The Vietnam Program WCS is a key member of the Wildlife Support Network (WSN) in Vietnam with other members from foreign embassies in Vietnam, international organizations, and national and international NGOs. WSN was created to harness collective strength from organizations with the same goal of ending IWT in Vietnam, increasing impact through strengthening cooperation and collaborative efforts among members and relevant stakeholders, designing interventions to engage and positively influence the thinking and action of the Government of Vietnam to improve the situation for wildlife.
  • Developed and shared widely a position paper on preventing future emerging infectious disease outbreaks in Viet Nam by amending policy on illegal wildlife trade and consumption (March 2020);
  • Supported the Supreme People’s Court (SPC) to develop a “Benchbook for Judges”, documenting guidance on how to adjudicate wildlife crime (2020); 
  • Supported the SPC to develop a "Feasibility Report on the establishment of an Environmental Court in Viet Nam" and hold a consultation workshop to gather feedback from different officers and experts at national and provincial courts - Collaborated with Hanoi Procuratorate University to develop a course module and teaching materials on “Activities of the People's Procuracy in handling wildlife trafficking cases”;
  • Collaborated with the School of Law, Viet Nam National University, Ha Noi and the Institute of Public Policy and Law to develop a course module and reference book on “Corruption in wildlife trafficking” for Master of Laws in Governance and Anti-Corruption Program;

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