Increasing the participation of journalists and media

WCS Viet Nam implements awareness raising activities on combating illegal wildlife trade for law enforcement officers through collaboration with media agencies to publish in-depth articles, sharing experience in handling wildlife crime and policy briefs on anti-corruption related to CWT.

We also cooperate with the journalism training institutions to integrate the content of preventing and combating illegal wildlife trade into their training program for journalism students; and organize a mentorship program on developing stories on illegal wildlife trade-related issues for journalism students and young journalists.

WCS also organizes training courses and workshops tailored for journalists to enhance their investigative skills, update them with information on the illegal wildlife trade situation. These events help to create a forum for journalists to exchange experiences and skills and support journalists to promote responsible write-ups and to explore broader topics of illegal wildlife trade and combating wildlife crime examples.


Key achievements

  • Organized training and field trip activities to increase the capacity of journalists to produce articles on wildlife trafficking and to increase media participation in IWT;
  • Has coordinated activities with many media education and training partners such as the Journalist Association of the Faculty of Broadcasting, the Academy of Journalism and Communication (AJC), the School of Journalism and Communication (SJC), University of Science, Society and Humanities. Some activities were integrating the content of combating wildlife trafficking in curriculum, developing lesson plans, trial integration, and training for teachers. (2018-2020)
  • Publish the book "Investigative journalism on illegal wildlife trade" as teaching materials at academies and training institutions and other newspapers across the country.

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