It is the largest land mammal in South America. Its main feature is that it has a trunk on the upper lip that serves to grab food and smell. It is herbivorous, feeds on leaves, buds, fruits and aquatic plants.

He lives in areas near the water, is a good swimmer and also likes mud baths. He has developed a lot of smell and hearing, however, his vision is poor.

Autor: Freddy Ramírez

They are partially daytime, since they can also be seen wandering at night. He is known as the "gardener" of the forest since he has a fundamental role in seed dispersal. In addition, by being selective when choosing their food, it can be said that this animal manipulates the forest, maintaining the diversity of its structure.

The tapir uses large areas to move, travels an average of 3 to 4 km per night. It is solitary except in the period of reproduction.

 It is in a state of vulnerability at the international level (IUCN)