Marovo-Tetepare complex

The Marovo-Tetepare Complex of Western Province is on the UNESCO World Heritage tentative list, recognized for its outstanding natural and cultural features. It includes the marine areas of the Marovo Lagoon and selected terrestrial areas of Vangunu and Gatokae Islands, the uninhabited island of Tetepare and its associated coastal marine areas, the southern tip and southwest coast of Rendova Island and the uninhabited Hele barrier islands. Marovo Lagoon boasts the world's largest and best defined double barrier enclosed lagoon system. The Complex is located within BirdLife International's Solomon Group Endemic Bird Area (EBA) which is recognized for its globally outstanding avian endemism.

WCS has supported community-based management planning and implementation at six sites in the complex since 2015, with a focus on the establishment of locally-managed marine areas, fish spawning aggregations, and nest protection of the critically endangered leatherback turtle. We provide training and support to community rangers, who are part of the Solomon Islands Ranger Association, on monitoring and best practices for management. We work in partnership with the local NGO Solomon Islands Community Conservation Partnership to help interested communities formalize management over their biodiversity-rich land and sea areas.