Kavachi Seascape

The Kavachi Seascape is a jewel of marine diversity in the Coral Triangle region, the center of the world's marine biodiversity. The Seascape is located between Tetepare Island, the Kavachi submarine volcano, and Matakai Reef, and possesses unique biological and geological features, with high connectivity between montane forests (>1,000 m above sea level) and the deep abyss (3,000 m below sea level) within 30 nautical miles. The area forms part of the Marovo-Tetepare complex. 

WCS and our partners are working to establish a marine protected area (MPA) within the Kavachi Seascape, centered on the submarine volcano, where a survey by National Geographic identified the first records of macrofauna (sharks, pelagic fish) utilizing an active submarine volcano as habitat. Since 2017, we have been working with key government and private sector stakeholders on the process for MPA declaration. WCS has supported the formation of a Technical Working Group tasked with overseeing the process of establishing the Kavachi Marine Management Area, including carrying out consultations with all relevant stakeholders and developing a management plan.