Staff Profiles

Stacy Jupiter
Director Melanesia Program
Stacy Jupiter is the Melanesia Regional Director and Country Director for the Solomon Islands Program. She oversees the Wildlife Conservation Society's programs and projects in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. She specializes in community-based management, integrated land-sea management and coral reef ecology. Her Ph.D. is from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Stacy is based in Suva, Fiji and in 2019 was named a MacArthur Fellow.
Alec Hughes
Program Manager, Melanesia
Alec Hughes joined Wildlife Conservation Society in 2019. prior to this, he has worked on several marine conservation projects in Solomon Islands since 2002 that have involved community-based resource management activties as well as conductig long-term coral reef monitoring. Alec completed his PhD from James Cook Univeristy in 2019. He is an active member of several techincal working groups under the Solomon Islands CTI-CFF National Coordinating Committee. Alec is based in our Munda office in Western Province.
Tingo Leve
Marine Technical Officer
Tingo Leve joined Wildlife Conservation Society in 2019. before joining WCS he has worked with the dive industry as a dive guide for 8 years, he then joined  World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) for 11 years as a field officer working with communities carrying out commmunity based marine monitoring, worked with communities in fish aggregation device construction and deployment, participated in fish spawning aggregation monitoring for three groupers species, and conducted catch effort monitoring for communities. Tingo is a certified scuba diver master and was a team member of the rapid coral reef surveys conducted for Solomons Islands. Tingo is based in our Munda office in Western Province.
Lucian Muala
Community Engagement Officer
Lucian Muala joined Wildlife Conservation Society in February 2020. Before she joined WCS, she worked as a Qualitative Researcher at the Women's Rights Action Movement, and worked as a consultant under Dignity Pasifik, collaborating with WWF. Lucian completed her Post-graduate Diploma in Arts, majoring in Marine Management, at the University of the South Pacific in 2016. Her interests lies in working closely with community-based resource management initiatives and helping communities to achieve their resource management aspirations. Lucian is based in our Munda office, Western Province.
Artika Singh
Finance Director
Artika Singh joined WCS in August 2019 as Finance Director for the Solomon Islands and Fiji programs. She holds a Bachelor in Accounting from the Fiji National University and is currently pursuing her Master in Professional Accounting. She specializes in public and private sector finance with over 14 years of experience. Prior to joining WCS, she worked as the Pacific Regional Finance Manager for Live and Learn Environmental Education. She brings in her wealth of expertise in managing grants, financial reporting and working with international institutions and donors. Artika is based in Suva, Fiji.
Miriam Bhurrah
GIS Officer
Miriam Bhurrah supports geospatial needs, especially in the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea, for the Kiwa WISH+ Project. She joined WCS in July 2020 as a GIS Assistant supporting spatial planning needs for the establishment of locally managed marine areas, marine protected areas, and the national marine spatial plan for the Solomon Islands. She was also seconded at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Oceania Regional Office where she provided support on spatial data collation and mapping in the development of national Marine Spatial Plans (MSP) for Tonga, Samoa, Fiji, Vanuatu, and the Solomon Islands. Prior to joining WCS, she worked with the Geospatial Information Management Division at the Fiji Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Geospatial Science from the University of the South Pacific. She is based in Suva, Fiji.
Dolrish Leimah
Administration Officer
Dolrish Leimah serves as Administration Officer at WCS.
Tracy O'oi
Marine Spatial Planning Officer
Tracy O'oi joined WCS in August 2020 as our Marine Spatial Planning Officer. Her main role is to facilitate consultations for marine protected area establishment and liaise with the Solomon Islands Government and partners on national marine spatial planning. Prior to joining WCS, Tracy worked as an Assistant Program Manager for the Australian High Commissioner in Honiara. Tracy holds a Bachelor's degree in Geology from the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand. She is based in Honiara.
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