About Us

In Solomon Islands, through gaining and understanding of the multiple values and uses of the environment, WCS has built a conservation program covering three cores areas: (1) working with partnerships to promote long-term integrated island management; (2) assisting government and industry towards sustainable offshore marine management; and (3) partnering with communities to promote community-based resource management. 

In recognition that Indigenous Solomon Islanders have customary tenure over the land and sea, WCS maintains a grounded conservation program, based in local and international networks, that support management of resources by landowners and users. We have three main core values to our work: 

  • Local: Our work supports communities and puts their interests first. We play a consistent and clear role that follows best practice and policy.
  • Informed: Our work engages with the cultural context for resource management in Solomon Islands, supports local and traditional knowledge and language.
  • Engaged: We recognize our role as partner, and seek to make sure our work is complementary to other conservation organizations in Solomon Islands.