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OCEARCH Tags and Releases White Shark Pups For The First Time Off Long Island

First satellite-tagged shark named “Montauk” can be tracked in real-time on the OCEARCH Global Shark Tracker

NEW YORK (August 20, 2016)—Meet Montauk and Hudson, two young-of-the-year white sharks just tagged and released off Montauk, NY by OCEARCH and its collaborative team of multi-disciplined scientists.

“This is an exciting marine conservation event right here in our New York seascape,” said Jon Forrest Dohlin, Director of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s New York Aquarium.

“We've learned a lot about the adult sharks in recent years, but the pups are still a complete mystery,” said Tobey Curtis, lead scientist and Fisheries Manager at NOAA Fisheries. “Tagging these baby white sharks will help us better understand how essential Long Island waters are for their survival.”

Montauk, a 50-pound, 4-foot female white shark, and Hudson, a 67-pound, 5-foot male white shark, are the first two white sharks tagged by the shark-tagging partnership in New York waters. The tags on these young-of-the-year sharks will allow scientists to track their movements up and down the coast for the next several years.

The team, which includes researchers from WCS, NOAA Fisheries, South Hampton Schools, Florida Atlantic University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Stony Brook University, collected blood samples, fin clips, parasites, muscle sample and took measurements of the sharks. Each sample provides baseline data previously unattainable for white sharks in this initial phase of life.

The team also acoustically-tagged two dusky sharks and one dogfish; and will be working off Montauk for another 6 days.

“The presence of these apex predators is a good sign of the ecological health of our local ocean,” said Dr. Merry Camhi, Director of WCS’s New York Seascape Program.

In addition to assessing the health of the sharks while on the platform, WCS’ science team will use the data to further the understanding of the New York Seascape. “The WCS New York Aquarium will be featuring the results of our joined research expedition on our upcoming Ocean Wonders exhibit so that visitors can share in the excitement,” said Dohlin, Director of WCS’s New York Aquarium.  

As Montauk’s fin breaks the surface, the satellite tag will transmit her location, allowing anyone and everyone to follow her movements by accessing the near-real time, free online Global Shark Tracker or by downloading the Global Shark Tracker App available for Apple and Android platforms.

Since her release, hundreds have already followed Montauk on Twitter (@SharkMontauk), engaging the public as her migration patterns unfold.

"We will be on the edge of our seats as we wait for Hudson to also ping," said Chris Fischer, OCEARCH Founding Chairman and Expedition Leader. "This is a historical moment and the first step in revealing the great white shark pupping ground. It's this kind of scientific data that will help us collectively make more informed decisions about how to protect this incredible species.”

About OCEARCH: OCEARCH is a recognized world leader in generating critical scientific data related to tracking (telemetry) and biological studies of keystone marine species such as great white and tiger sharks, in conjunction with conservation outreach and education at a measurable global scale. OCEARCH shares real-time migration data through OCEARCH’s Global Shark Tracker – In 2015, OCEARCH open sourced the data on the Global Shark Tracker to 2.3 million users. OCEARCH also inspires current and future generations of explorers, scientists, and stewards of the ocean through its STEM Learning Program. The free STEM Curriculum, available for grades K-8 and created in partnership with Landry’s, Inc. enables students to learn STEM skills while following the real-time data on the movements of their favorite sharks. The researchers OCEARCH supports work aboard the M/V OCEARCH, a 126’ Cat powered vessel equipped with a 75,000 lb. hydraulic research platform, where the ship serves as both mothership and at-sea laboratory. Scientists have approximately 15 minutes of access to live, mature sharks to conduct up to 12 studies. The sharks are measured, tissue and blood samples are collected, and satellite and acoustic transmitters are attached. Over 113 researchers from 59 regional and international institutions have partnered with OCEARCH.

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