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Zoo and Aquarium Education Programs Inspire Wonder
by Marcos Stafne
"We may not be able to consciously take in all the glorious phenomena that fills our lives," notes WCS's Marcos Stafne in a new essay for PBS Nature celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride Month, "but environments like museums, zoos, and aquariums help us to slow down, open our eyes to the natural world around us, and consider how we can contribute to our overall global well-being."
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Tenacity: Stories about Perseverance
by Emily Darling
For the Story Collider podcast, WCS's Emily Darling discusses the importance of underwater science and how she is working closely with scientists around the world to measure the impact of coral reef conservation.
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The Dog Who Helped Me Save The Sharks
by Marcus Parker
In a new essay for PBS Nature to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month, Marcus Parker writes, "While my neighborhood dog, Louie, chased bouncing, neon spheres, I chased the feeling of belonging, of safety, and of being valued for being me. Usually we think of humans as the caretakers of dogs, but Louie took care of me—an isolated, gay kid—in ways that humans had not. I have since spent the majority of my working life repaying the favor."
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Growing Up Gay in the Zoological Field
by John Scott
"It’s truly inspiring to see how far the world and our profession has come over the last 31 years of my life," writes WCS's John Scott in a new blog for PBS Nature celebrating Pride Month. "We are building a better, more inclusive world for all LGBTQ+ children who visit our parks, and someday dream that they too can work towards saving the amazing animals with whom we share our planet."
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The Challenges of Mapping Coral Reefs When Satellites Can't See Them
by Emily Darling, Kim Fisher
WCS's Emily Darling & Kim Fisher talk to the Minds Behind Maps podcast about MERMAID, a platform enabling coral reef scientists to aggregate and share their data together. Emily and Kim discuss the vexing challenge of measuring underwater coral reefs for which traditional satellite imagery is largely unhelpful.
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The Hudson Bay Lowland and the Ring of Fire Mining Project
by Lorna Harris
The Hudson Bay Lowland is the second largest peatland in the world and it is largely undisturbed and pristine thanks to the careful stewardship of indigenous communities. But now, in Canada's race for economic development of the North and goal for net zero, a mining development plan threatens this northern Ontario resource.
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Shark Trade from the Western Indian Ocean
by Dave van Beuningen, Rhett Bennett
"This World Oceans Day," write WCS's Dave van Beuningen and Rhett Bennett in a new commentary, "we’d like to celebrate an increased interest and willingness of governments in the WIO to further develop capacity to control the trade in CITES-listed shark and ray species."
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To Create Safer Neighborhoods, Arts and Culture Are Key
by Daisy Rodriguez, Amy Andrieux
As New York City hammers out next year’s budget, writes WCS's Daisy Rodriguez in a new op-ed for the NY Daily News with Amy Andrieux, "Our leaders must invest in culture for every New Yorker in every neighborhood in every public school and senior center, in prisons and in shelters, giving people invaluable tools to connect and heal and grow."
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Sustainable Fisheries Management in the Philippines
by Karen Gatus
In a new blog for PBS Nature celebrating Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Karen Gatus notes that as the Wildlife Conservation Society's newest country program, WCS Philippines conscientiously embraces its role of helping small-scale fishers in their co-management strategies
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Conducting Research to Better Understand and Conserve Marine Mammals
by Howard Rosenbaum
WCS’s Howard Rosenbaum joins the People Behind the Science podcast to discuss his work to conserve marine mammals leading the WCS Ocean Giants program, delving as well into his career path and offering insights into the opportunities and rewards of life as a marine researcher.
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Now Playing: “Finding My Way to Conservation in Indonesia”
by Anisa Budiayu
In her essay for PBS Nature celebrating Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, WCS Indonesia's Anisa Budiayu writes, "I’ve always believed that everyone has stories to tell, especially about the important moments that helped them get to where they are or find their calling in life." Anisa shares hers here.
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Protecting Marine Megafauna in Bangladesh
by Elisabeth Fahrni Mansur
For the Brave New Women podcast, WCS's Elisabeth Fahrni Mansur discusses the creation of a new marine protected area in Bangladesh and her successful efforts to protect marine megafauna with the support of local people.
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Inspiring a Love of Nature and Wildlife for All
by Su-Jen Roberts
In a new essay for Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month at PBS Nature, WCS's Su-Jen Roberts describes her career journey "to bridge theory and practice to ensure that conservation professionals are using research-based approaches to do their work better."
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Drawing Out a Love for Wildlife
by Lena Chen
In a new blog for PBS Nature celebrating Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, WCS's Lena Chen describes her journey from being a child in a tiny Queens apartment doodling sparrows and trees outside her window to becoming a graphic design manager for one of the largest wildlife conservation organizations in the world.
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SMART for Wildlife Health Surveillance
by Diego Montecino
In a new commentary embracing the use of SMART for wildlife health surveillance, WCS's Diego Montecino argues that robust information on infectious and non-infectious diseases in wildlife will allow assessments of disease emergence, population and ecosystem impacts of disease, and the development of evidence-based solutions.
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by Emily Chou
In a new blog for PBS Nature's celebration of Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, WCS's Emily Chou discusses her work studying whales in the WCS Ocean Giants Program.
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