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Working with Local Communities in Guatemala to Protect Biodiversity
by América Rodriguez
Guatemala, writes WCS's América Rodriguez, is full of biodiversity—from scarlet macaws in flight to ramón trees whose fruit is crucial for the subsistence of our communities. "It is a landscape of natural riches," she writes, "and more so where it intertwines with the ancient vestiges of Mayan culture."
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Leadership Critical in the Run-Up to UN Biodiversity Conference
by Arnaud Goessens
"A new funding commitment by the EU is timely as the first part of the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (CoP15) of the Convention on Biological Diversity kicks off this week in Kunming, China," writes WCS EU's Arnaud Goessens. "Hopefully, it will trigger funding commitments from other governments and philanthropies."
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Embracing the Unusual and Unexpected in Conservation
by Morgane Cournarie
Conserving nature is hard," writes WCS's Morgane Cournarie, "but we achieve remarkable things when we allow ourselves to accept and appreciate interruptions to our routines and treat one another and nature with reverence and compassion."
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Adapting the What, Where, When, Why and Who of Nature Conservation to Be More Effective in a Changing Climate
by Molly Cross, Lauren Oakes
WCS's Molly Cross and Lauren Oakes describe a new paper in which they present an accessible framework for addressing the question of what, if anything, do we need to do differently about conservation work to be effective in a changing climate.
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Wildlife Extinctions, Recoveries, and Futures
by Joel Berger
Drought in the Southwest also is pressuring wildlife and could force changes not only in their populations but in where they’re found. The National Park System is home to countless species, but how is wildlife in the parks doing? WCS's Joel Berger weighs in.
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Owls of the Eastern Ice
by Jonathan Slaght
When Jonathan Slaght’s "Owls of the Eastern Ice" came out last year, it was met with high praise. Slaght’s search for the enigmatic Blakiston’s Fish-Owl is a part of natural history, part adventure, and part character study set in the Russian Far East.
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How Hispanic Heritage Influenced a Keeper to Help Her Community and Nature
by Omara Aviles
"Growing up under the influence of my grandmothers, aunts, and mother, I don’t remember a time I wasn’t sure I was going to work with animals," writes WCS's Omara Aviles in a new commentary for PBS Nature marking Hispanic Heritage Month.
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How Protecting Caribou Can Help Climate
by Justina Ray
Across Canada, climate change is exacerbating challenges caribou herds already face. But research shows protecting caribou habitat could have other benefits for climate. Listen as WCS's Justina Ray talks to Laura Lynch on the What on Earth podcast.
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A Wildlife Researcher Explains How Mumbai’s Leopards See the City
by Nikit Surve
WCS India's Nikit Surve is a biologist who has been studying leopards in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park and how residents of the park and Mumbai can coexist with this carnivore.
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Biodiversity Loss in Canada: An Urgent Priority for New Government
by Justina Ray, Stephen Hazell
Canada is a country defined by nature, write WCS 's Justina Ray and her colleague Stephen Hazell. But that nature is slipping away. To prevent further degradation, Canada must act quickly to improve it approaches to conserving and restoring biodiversity across its lands and waters.
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Protecting Our Planet
by Cristián Samper
WCS President and CEO Cristián Samper played a key role in convening nine organizations to launch the Protecting Our Planet Challenge, the largest-ever philanthropic commitment to nature conservation and a significant step in addressing three related crises that threaten our planet: climate change, nature loss, and economic insecurity.
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Why We Will All Benefit from Securing Species in the ASEAN Region
by Madhu Rao, Nerissa Chao, Vicki Guthrie
Achieving the 2050 Vision of Living in Harmony with Nature is within reach for ASEAN nations. It will require a bold approach in safeguarding the region’s biodiversity to combat climate change and prevent future pandemics.
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A Ray of Hope for People and Marine Wildlife
by Elisabeth Fahrni Mansur, Shamsunnahar Shanta, GM Masum Billah
Bangladesh recently took a major step towards strengthening the protection of threatened sharks and rays by updating the list of species and species groups under the country's Wildlife (Conservation and Security) Act.
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Let Water Go Where It Wants to Go
by Eric W. Sanderson
In a new guest essay for the New York Times, WCS's Eric Sanderson highlights how wetlands, streams, and other waterways that existed when New York City was settled continue to determine how water flows during severe storms like Ida, and what we can do to protect New Yorkers while letting the water goes where it wants to go.
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Developing Identity in Zoos
by Priscilla Hernandez
In a new essay for Hispanic Heritage Month at PBS “Nature,” WCS’s Priscilla Hernandez writes, “I’ve had the good fortune to develop my conservation, creative, and Dominican identities through my work in zoos. What identities have you developed or might you discover at your own local zoo? Don’t wait to find out!”
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Travel Agent for Zoo Animals
by Carmen Guzman
In a new blog for PBS Nature marking Hispanic Heritage Month, WCS's Carmen Guzman notes that as part of the Puerto Rican diaspora in New York, she is proud to have helped restore the Puerto Rican crested toad to its island home.
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