Siamese Fireback
These photos show several groups of Siamese Fireback pheasants; the male is gray and the female is brown. This species is found only in the forests of Thailand and Indochina. In Laos, they are heavily snared for sale in food markets. [Nam Kading; managed species]




Silver Pheasant
Silver Pheasant is one of the more common pheasants remaining in the hill evergreen forests in Laos but like most large ground birds, they are heavily snared for sale in food markets.
[Nam EtPhou Louey; protected species]



Wildlife is beautiful a global treasure. But wild things cannot protect themselves. They need the help from people, agencies, business and governments to survive. [Nam Kading; protected species]


Red Junglefowl
The Red Junglefowl is one of the most common pheasants in Laos and is the founding stock for our domestic chicken. They live in forested areas and near human settlements if not heavily hunted. National laws allow rural communities to hunt Red Junglefowl for subsistence but it is illegal to sell the meat to urban markets. [Nam EtPhou Louey; managed species]

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