East Asian Porcupine

East Asian Porcupine usually occurs in groups in forested areas and is active at night. The spines on their body are used as protection from predators. As a managed species, they are important for village subsistence but now hundreds are being traded from the wild to farms to supply porcupine meat for restaurants. This is having a devastating effect on wild populations and a negative impact on rural food
security. [Nam EtPhou Louey; managed species]



Brushtailed Porcupine
The Brushtailed Porcupine has a scaly tail with a tuft of whitish spines at the tip. Found in forested areas, it lives in burrows in the ground during the day. It eats roots, fruits and tree bark. [Nam EtPhou Louey; managed species]



Redcheeked Squirrel and Northern Treeshrew
This is a collage showing the many different types of small mammals that walked across a rock ledge over a period of 30 days while the camera was in the forest. Can you find the Brushtailed Porcupine, Redcheeked Squirrel and Northern Treeshrew? [Nam Kading; managed species]


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