The photographs in this exhibit were taken by automated “camera traps” that are used by scientists to monitor change in animal abundance in the wild. It took scientists months to capture many of these animals on film. The research reveals that wildlife in Lao PDR is now rapidly declining due to over hunting and illegal trade.

The national Wildlife Law divides wild animals into two major groups – ‘protected species’ and ‘managed species’. It is illegal to hunt protected species (like elephants, tigers and bears) that are naturally rare. Managed species (like pigs and deer) reproduce more frequently and can be harvested by rural villages for subsistence following guidelines set by the government. The law says that all trade of wildlife is illegal.

This means that it is illegal to sell and buy wildlife in markets and restaurants in Laos. If you illegally buy wildlife, you are contributing to the extinction of wild animals in Lao and are contributing to poverty of rural communities that depend on managed species for their subsistence. What can you do to support poverty eradication and wildlife conservation in Lao PDR? Please follow the law: do not buy or sell wildlife!

The exhibition is a joint project of The Department of Forestry and Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), who are working together with communities to manage and protect wildlife in the Nam Kading National Protected Area, Bolikhamxay Province and in the Nam Et-Phou Louey National Protected Area in Houaphan, and Luang Prabang Provinces. With support from the Theun Hinboun Power Company this exhibition is being shown around the country and in schools to draw attention to the wildlife that still survive in Lao PDR and the problems of illegal hunting and trade.

Images are copyright Nam Et-Phou Louey National Protected Area, Nam Kading National Protected and Wildlife Conservation Society
Produced by Wildlife Conservation Society, Lao PDR
December 2008

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