Phayre’s Langur
Phayre’s Langur is a ‘leaf monkey’ that occurs from India to Vietnam. As the name indicates, langurs subsist on leaves of a select few trees species and do not survive long in captivity if these leaves are not available. Due to loss of habitat and hunting, Phayre’s Langur populations are decreasing and it is now ‘endangered’ meaning there are very few remaining in the wild. [Nam EtPhou Louey; protected species]



Northern pig-tailed macaque
Macaques are the most common type of primate in Laos. Their numbers are declining due to excessive hunting and trapping for use as food and as pets. This Northern pig-tailed macaque is distinguished by it short curled tail and the black top of the head. It can occur in a variety of forest habitats including disturbed forests if it is not overhunted. They forage on the ground as seen here but will escape to trees if disturbed. [Nam Kading; managed species]




Stump-tailed macaque
The Stump-tailed macaque differs from other macaques in that it has only a very short, barely visible tail. It occurs in the upland forests of Laos and feeds mainly on seeds, fruits, insects and small animals. They spend most of their on the ground and are frequently caught with snares. [Nam EtPhou Louey; managed species]



The Assamese macaque
The Assamese macaque has a short tail and the hair on its crown is typically parted in the middle. It is found mainly in upland forests where it spends most of its time in the trees but will descend to the ground to run from predators. [Nam Kading; managed species]

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