Stripe-backed Weasel
This is the first photo of Stripe-backed Weasel in the wild in Laos, taken in Nam Et-Phou Louey in April 2003. This animal is best recognized by the white stripe down the center of it's back. Weasels are meat-eaters and prey on small rodents. [protected species]



Hog Badger
The Hog Badger occurs in evergreen forest and weighs up to 15kg. It lives in a burrow in the ground feeding on roots, earthworms and insects. [Nam Et-Phou Louey; managed species]




Yellow-throated Marten
The Yellow-throated Marten is one of the more common small mammals in Lao's forests. It can climb trees, is largely active during the day and hunts for small animals, eggs, and fruits. [Nam Et-Phou Louey; managed species]




Crab-eating mongoose


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