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Past Issues

December 2023: Habitats for the Holidays
November 2023: Embracing Canada's Hidden Marvels
October 2023: Going Batty for Bat Week
September 2023: A Summer of Discovery: Fieldwork Highlights
August 2023: Nurturing Diversity across Air, Land and Water 
July 2023: How saving habitats saves wildlife 
June 2023: It's the season for muddy boots!
May 2023: Celebrating and protecting biodiversity, and how you can help wildlife win big this coming June
April 2023: BC bats face a new threat, and the trouble with tailings
March 2023: Zooming in on trees and peatlands in trouble
February 2023: Plants at the northern edge of their range in Yukon may have nowhere to go, and other impacts of climate change of northern species
January 2023: Troubling news for Alberta bats and WCS scientists at the mic

December 2022: A win for biodiversity in Montreal
November 2022: Turning talk into action to protect biodiversity and help the climate
October 2022:  Celebrating Key Biodiversity Areas (KBAs), and a whale of a story about arctic shipping noise
September 2022: Critical thinking required on critical minerals
August 2022: WCS Canada's Fellowship program is supporting the next generation of conservation scientists
July 2022: Calling for action on BC mountain caribou
June 2022: Hungry bats help on the farm
June 2022 special edition: What for we know about the #SHAPEofNature in Canada?
April/May 2022:  Using all our senses to understand the wild world 
March 2022:  We can't undermine natural climate solutions
February 2022:  Natural riches can be more valuable than gold
January 2022:  Natural climate solutions need our help

December 2021: This is our decision decade
November 2021: From Ontario's Greenbelt to Yukon's wild watersheds, we need to do a better job protecting nature
Special climate edition: The natural solution to climate change - Special COP 26 edition
October 2021: It's bat week! But that's not all...
September 2021: From a new challenge for western bats to dealing with the climate challenge
August 2021: This is a time for climate action not despair
July 2021: A new generation of conservation scientists gets their boots muddy
June 2021: What it takes -- and what more it will take -- to achieve big conservation results
May 2021: Whales trying to keep their cool and other wildlife news
April 2021: Bowheads making new winter moves by staying put
March 2021: Wild areas are our true treasures 
February 2021: Canada's giant carbon storehouse a critical brake on climate change
January 2021: Working from watersheds to the whole planet

December 2020: Making conservation science happen in a year like no other
November 2020: Ontario Government turns back the clock on watershed protection
October 2020: Big picture thinking about keeping nature healthy
September 2020: We need your voice for nature!
July 2020: Great young minds make a difference
June 2020: Reflecting on 2019 and moving forward
May 2020: Canada's carbon secret
April 2020: Planetary health has never been more important to human health
March 2020: Failing to protect wildlife and wild places can have big consequences for people.
January 2020: How do you find a wolverine and listen to a beluga?

December 2019: We're taking you to some special places
October 2019: Climate change is a wild problem

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