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Adams, Ian – BC KBA Regional Coordinator, National Conservation Program 
Agnew, Biz Director of Philanthropy, Management
Aysha Akhtar – SHAPE of Nature Communications Fellow
Blouin, DanaProgram Manager,  Bat Program
Castro, Dario Total Rewards Administrator, Management
Chapman, Colin  Nova Scotia KBA Coordinator, National Conservation Program
Chartier, Maya  Wildlife Technician, Western Arctic Program
Chetkiewicz, CherylConservation Scientist, National Conservation Program
Cooke, HilaryCo-Director, Northern Boreal Mountains Program
Cordero, Lina - Communications Intern: Biodiversity Projects, National Conservation Program
Cundiff, Brad  Independent Consultant, Management
Darling, Emily Conservation Scientist, Global Conservation Program
Debyser, Chloé KBA Canada Technical Coordinator, National Conservation Program
Diogou, Niki  Postdoctoral Fellow, Western Arctic Program
Diwan, Zainab – Key Biodiversity Areas Communications Fellow
Ezibe, Okechukwu – Human Resources Manager
Farrell, ClaireAssociate Conservation Scientist, Ontario Northern Boreal Program
Gates, Heather Conservation Assistant, Bat Program
Gonet, Jared - MITACS PhD Student, Northern Boreal Mountains Program
Halliday, WilliamConservation Scientist/Arctic Acoustics Program Lead, Western Arctic Program
Harris, Lorna Scientist and Program Lead-Forests, Peatlands, and Climate Change, National Conservation Program
Hart, Cierra - Research Assistant, Western Arctic program
Heimrich, Annika - Bioacoustic Analyst, Western Arctic Program
Holroyd, Susan - Conservation and Outreach Coordinator, Alberta Bat Program
Insley, Stephen – Director, of Arctic Conservation, Western Arctic Program
Jones, Teri – Wolverine Spatial Ecologist
Katsabas, MarilynManager, Finance and Operations, Management
Keutzer, Kaila - Bat Conservation Technician, Bat Program
Komarniski, Thomas - Key Biodiversity Areas Indigenous Outreach Associate, National Conservation
Kortsalo, PiiaGeomatics Specialist, Northern Boreal Mountains Program

Kraus, Daniel Director of National Conservation, National Conservation Program
Lausen, CoriDirector of Bat Conservation, Bat Program

Leung, Angela - KBA Quality Control Coordinator, National Conservation Program
Low, Erin - Program Coordinator, BC Bat Program
Mantyka-Pringle, Chrystal – Co-Director, Northern Boreal Mountains  Program
MacDonald, Cheyenne Indigenous Relations Associate/L'nua'tikete'w, National Conservation
McCaw, Laura Wolverine Research Associate, Ontario Northern Boreal Program
McKenzie, Allison - Administrative Manager, Ontario Northern Boreal Program
Mitra, Zahra - Executive Coordinator, Management
Moore, Zachary - Manitoba KBA Regional Coordinator, National Conservation Program
Mund, Maleen - Bat Research Technician, Bat Program
Murdoch, Alyssa  Post-Doctoral Fellow, Northern Boreal Mountains Program 
Napoli, Priscila Fundraising Database & Operations Officer, Management

O’Connor, Constance – Direcor of the ONB Program, Ontario Northern Boreal Program
Olson, Cory Alberta Bat Program Coordinator, Bat Program

Patel, Yagnesh Senior Bookkeeper, Management

Poley, Lucy – Canada KBA Ecosystems Criteria Coordinator, National Conservation Program

Procee, Asia - Research Intern, Northern Boreal Mountains Program

Rae, Jason – Bat Program Manager, Bat Program
Raudsepp-Hearne, Ciara Director of Key Biodiversity Areas, National Conservation Program
Ray, Justina President & Senior Scientist, Management
Reid, DonaldEmeritus Scientist, Northern Boreal Mountains Program

Reid, Jess  Key Biodiversity Areas Research Intern, National Conservation Program

Rensel, Leah Bat Technician, Bat Program

Rodrigo, Kristin – Social Media Coordinator, National Conservation Program Communications
Rudy, Michael - AB and SK KBA Regional Coordinator, National Conservation Program
Rumney, Robyn – Ontario KBA Regional Coordinator, National Conservation Program
Scrafford, MatthewWolverine Conservation Scientist, Ontario Northern Boreal Program

Shafiei, Forough Fundraising Manager, Management
Shajahan, Najeem - Post-Doctoral Fellow-Arctic Acoustics, Western Arctic Program
Simpson, Meagan Conservation Research Assistant, National Conservation Program
Soroye, Peter – KBA Assessment and Outreach Coordinator, National Conservation Program 
Southee, MegLead Geospatial Analyst/Programmer, Ontario Northern Boreal Program
Williams, Melissa - Budget and Grants Manager, Management
Woolmer, GillianDirector, Finance and Operations, Management

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