New Ireland

For nearly two decades, WCS has been working in New Ireland Province which is located on the northern arc of the Bismarck Sea and forms part of the Coral Triangle – a region encompassing the world’s highest marine biodiversity. With a diverse range of marine and coastal habitats including relatively healthy reefs and mangroves, New Ireland remains a high priority for marine conservation in the Pacific region. However, New Ireland’s rich ecosystems are under threat from a fast growing human population that is highly dependent on marine and coastal resources for food and livelihood opportunities. The region is also under threat from a lack of environmental governance and is highly vulnerable to climate change. All of these threats have dire implications for the future of food security for New Ireland’s fast growing population.  

WCS is currently actively involved in sustainable fisheries and community-based approaches to marine management with local communities, government, and other stakeholders across Kavieng District, New Ireland Province.

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