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New sub-species emerges within isolated region in upper Amazon Proposed dams and other regional development threaten the newly found tamarin  New York (July 7, 2009) -- The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) announced today the discovery of a new monkey in a remote region of the Amazon in Brazil. The monkey is related to saddleback tamarins, which include several species of monkeys known for their distinctively marked backs. The newly describe...
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Wildlife-Rich Burdwood Bank is Now Protected NEW YORK (October 9, 2008) – The Wildlife Conservation Society announced today that the government of Argentina has recently banned commercial fishing along an 1,800 square kilometer (694 square mile) submerged island rich in species found no where else on earth and an important feeding ground for sea lions, penguins, albatross and other marine life. The area, known as Burdwood Bank, lies 220 km (136 miles) off the Southern Argentine Coast. Burdwood i...
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For the world’s poor who live outside the borders of cities and towns, help is often scarce. A new WCS-led study identifies some 16 million impoverished people who make their homes in remote corners of the globe, out of reach of major development assistance programs.
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To save Madagascar’s pristine forests and combat climate change, WCS and the government of Madagascar agree to launch a massive carbon sale, totaling more than nine million tons.
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Four conservationists working on WCS-supported projects in South America’s last wild places have earned Whitley awards for their efforts to find win-win solutions for people and wildlife.
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