JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – (September 28, 2016) – The following comments were released today by the Wildlife Conservation Society at CITES CoP17.
Said WCS VP of International Policy and Head of the WCS Delegation to the CoP17, Susan Lieberman:
“WCS applauds the vote today to list all 8 species of pangolins in CITES Appendix I—the highest level of protection afforded by the treaty and a recognition that unfortunately, the species is indeed now threatened with extinction.
“WCS works with our government partners in the field and on enforcement, across the range states of all 8 pangolins species, in both Africa and Asia. This decision will help give pangolins a fighting chance. The world is standing up for the little guy with this pivotal decision for greater protection of the pangolin. These species need extra protection, and under CITES Appendix I, they will get it.
“There have been longstanding pressures on the four Asian species of pangolins for both local use of meat and scales and for illegal international trade to meet demand in East Asia. As the Asian species have become depleted, traffickers have begun to target the four African species as well.
“WCS greatly appreciates the initiative of the pangolin range states of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Vietnam, Angola, Botswana, Chad, Cote d’Ivoire, Gabon, Guinea, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, and Togo, joined by the United States, in submitting these critical proposals that were adopted today. Their leadership led to the world’s governments today committing to protecting them, and we applaud them all.
“The listing in Appendix I will not become official until the final day of the Conference, when it is formally adopted by the Plenary; it will enter into force 90 days thereafter.”  

Background on these votes: See pages 8, 9, 10, 11 of WCS Position Statement