Geneva, Aug. 27, 2019 – The World Wildlife Conference, also known as CITES CoP18 is wrapping up tomorrow, Wednesday, Aug. 28.

How do you make sense of it all?

What happened with sharks, giraffe, saiga, rosewood, glass frogs, elephants and more? See our positions and news statements HERE.

Heated debates took place over a host of regulations that affect the fate of fauna and flora around the world.

Why does Dr. Susan Lieberman, WCS Vice President for Int’l Policy, who has attended 11 CoPs, think we are ending with good and bad news.

To talk to Dr. Lieberman who can wrap this all up:

In Geneva, email Mary Dixon at, +1 347-840-1242 (Whats APP) and Skype mary.dixon111

In New York, email Stephen Sautner at + 1 908 247 2585 Skype: scsautner


WCS is a strong supporter of CITES, has staff who have attended all meetings of the Conference of the Parties since CoP7 in 1989, and will be represented by many international wildlife and policy experts at the 18th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (CoP18) in Geneva, Switzerland. WCS views on the proposals to amend the Appendices are based on the CITES listing criteria, the best available scientific and technical information, and information from our field and country programs around the world. To learn more about WCS recommendations go HERE. WCS’s ‘on-the-ground’ presence across much of the globe enables it to address multiple aspects of wildlife exploitation and trade, including wildlife crime, at all points along the trade chain in source, transit and consumer countries.