NEW YORK (April 1, 2017) – The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) announced today an emergency campaign to tackle one of the most critical conservation issues of our time: keeping sloths dry.   The campaign runs for one day only: April 1, 2017.

After decades of study, WCS research teams have determined that rain commonly occurs in rainforests. The sloths that live in these wet rainforests move too slowly to stay dry. And, what's more, almost no sloths own raincoats, or even miniature, sloth-sized umbrellas

“Every day, sloths from across South and Central America reach critical levels of moisture saturation, ranging from lightly damp to hopelessly soaked. But we have the power to sort of stop it,” said WCS officials.

For as little as $10, you can provide a sloth with a slicker.

It is vital that as many sloths as possible be issued a good-quality slicker before midnight tonight, as heavy rain is expected to continue throughout the weeks and months ahead. With a donation today, you can ensure that sloths in need don’t spend another afternoon ambling around soaking wet.

“It’s literally raining in the rainforest RIGHT NOW,” said WCS officials. “Hundreds of sloths are getting wet in the time it takes you to finish reading this sentence. Act now!”

Please act before our sloth campaign ends at midnight on April 1st!

Our urgent campaign is only running on April 1st. Please act now.