NEW YORK (September 19, 2014) – Kim Simplis Barrow, wife of Belize’s Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the Special Envoy for Women and Children, recently visited the Wildlife Conservation Society’s (WCS) Research Station on Middle Caye, Glover’s Reef Atoll on what could only be described as a picture perfect day.

During the visit she was given a glimpse into the world of marine conservation with presentations on the almost two decades of support that WCS has provided to the Glover’s Reef Marine Reserve. In addition, she learned about support to the Belize Fisheries Department in rights-based fisheries management and the national expansion of fully protected areas, and the use of technological innovations (e.g. drones) by government reserve rangers to improve protection of valuable marine resources.

Other highlights included an overview of the history and status of marine protected areas in the wider Belize Barrier Reef complex as well as a guided tour of the station, including solar and wind energy production facilities, and a short walk along the caye’s nature trail while a resident osprey soared overhead. Along with WCS staff, representatives from the Oak Belize Foundation, the Bertarelli Foundation, the Healthy Reefs Initiative, and the Environmental Defense Fund participated in the visit. This trip has inspired the Bertarelli Foundation to make a contribution to WCS for tagging equipment.

Mrs. Barrow, who was very appreciative of her visit to the station, said: “Thank you all so much for such an incredible experience. I wish more Belizeans were able to do the visit I did and learn more about the amazing work you all do! Many congrats!!!”

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