WCS was the first international organization to initiate a long-term program in the country.

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​ေအာက်တိုဘာ 10, 2017

Slow and Steady, a Tortoise Is Winning Its Race With Extinction

The Burmese star tortoise was almost history.By the early 2000s, the natives of central Myanmar&rsqu...
စက်တင်ဘာ 26, 2017

NATURAL HISTORY NOTES - Batagur trivittata - dichromatic coloration (2017)

Batagur trivittata - dichromatic coloration (2017).pdf

Slow and Steady, a Tortoise Is Winning Its Race With Extinction

Author(s): Swe Win
Journal: New York Times
Year: 2017

Sustainable Financing of Protected Areas in Myanmar

Author(s): Lucy Emerton, U Aung Kyin, and Robert Tizard
Year: 2015

SMART Training Report 2014

Author(s): Tony Lynam, Saw Htun, Than Zaw
Year: 2014

Review of the Taninthayi Nature Reserve Project as a conservation model in Myanmar

Author(s): E. H. B. Pollard, Soe Win Hlaing, J. D. Pilgrim
Year: 2014

National Tiger Action Plan for Myanmar

Author(s): Antony J. Lynam
Year: 2003

Marine Conservation in Myanmar - Current knowledge and research recommendations

Author(s): Katherine E. Holmes, U Tint Tun, U Kyaw Thinn Latt, Mukesh Subedee, Supriya V. Khadke, Andrew E. Hostetler
Year: 2014

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