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Lessons emerging from the WCS Mekong Drivers Partnership show that responding to large-scale drivers of deforestation in high biodiversity landscapes requires solutions that integrate work at multiple scales, as the diagram below illustrates.

To foster conservation and green growth in the Greater Mekong Sub-region, the WCS Mekong Drivers Partnership is expanding implementation of a multi-scaled, multi-sectoral approach in high biodiversity priority landscapes and seascapes that aligns integrated protected area management at local and national scales with climate-smart land use and tenure security at the community and landscape level.

We will link these efforts with climate smart business and finance investments including conservation enterprise development in the target landscapes. Specifically, we will achieve sustainability and scaling by promoting commercially-viable agricultural production that connects to biodiversity-friendly markets at the national and international levels. Concurrently, we will work directly with government to foster enabling conditions through improved environmental and social policy and regulations that balance conservation and green growth, including offset policy.

Measuring and monitoring of these innovative solutions will be central to attract investment and development in the target landscapes. This will be continued through our integrated protected area management approach, with its four key building blocks:

  • Empowering communities and small-holder farmers through a conservation enterprise approach that promotes incentives and structural mechanisms to stimulate scaling up through increased demand in, and increased access to, biodiversity-friendly markets. 
  • Demonstrating to business the benefits of improved green growth business practices highlighting examples of leading companies that have committed to no deforestation and no net loss of biodiversity in their supply chains. 
  • Incorporating environmental-social-governance (ESG) best practice principles in the finance sector. 
  • Developing with local governments the enabling conditions for improved environmental and social policies and regulations that balance conservation and green growth.

Above: Multi-scale and multi-sector approach to conservation and green growth in high biodiversity landscapes.

© Dominique le Roux/WCS
Photo Credit: © Dominique le Roux/WCS

Above: Tourists on the Nam Nern Night Safari head into the core zone of Lao PDR’s Nam Et-Phou Louey National Protected Area. This award-winning ecotourism project illustrates the WCS Mekong Drivers Partnership’s multi-scaled, multi-sectoral approach.


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