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Wolves and Wolverines: A Complicated Relationship
by Tom Glass
At WCS, we’re combining intensive field studies, cutting-edge wildlife research technology, and the knowledge of indigenous peoples to better understand the ecology of wolverines on the harsh Arctic tundra.
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What Sturgeon, Huge and Ancient Fish, Tell Us About Our Ecological Past and Future
by Jon Forrest Dohlin
With the introduction of sturgeon to the NY Aquarium, visitors have the opportunity to see these representatives of an ancient lineage and learn of their place in our state's history," notes aquarium Director Jon Forrest Dohlin.
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Why the Effort to Ban Plastic Straws is Growing
by John Calvelli
A City Council bill to ban single-use plastic in NYC dovetails with the WCS New York Aquarium's Give a Sip campaign, educating consumers across the five boroughs about the need to ban plastic straws.
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We Cannot Cede Ground on Animal Poaching
by Hillary Clinton, John Kasich
We must end the market for wildlife and wildlife parts by confronting ruthless criminal trafficking syndicates and governments whose policies and actions (or inaction) contribute to the senseless slaughter of species.
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Let's Start Saving the Pigs this Year
by Melvin Gumal
For the long-term health of Malaysia’s tiger population, large ungulates such asgsur, sambar deer, and even bearded pigs and common wild pigs have to survive and proliferate.
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Ontario’s review of Endangered Species Act Must Address Long-Term Ecosystem Damage
by Justina Ray
Canada’s Endangered Species act, in place for just over 10 years, is complex and challenging to navigate. But then so is the task of saving a growing list of species that are facing extinction, usually due to human actions
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All Hands On Deck
by Melvin Gumal
"The world has been beset with wagon-loads of bad news, from climate change to the sixth extinction," writes WCS's Melvin Gumal. "That’s why I found it heartening to see the turnout at our annual Run for the Wild here in Malaysia."
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Humbling Encounters at Sea
by Arafat Rahman Khan
WCS's Arafat Rahman Khan addresses the shared responsibility of sustaining the lives and livelihoods of Bangladesh's brave fishermen while working to ensure the survival of threatened marine wildlife.
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On Food and Conservation: A Reflection
by Julie Kunen
Two and a half years ago, WCS embarked upon a partnership with New Worlder magazine to explore connections between conservation and gastronomy across the Americas. This column by Julie Kunen marks the final installment.
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Dolphins from Dawn to Dusk
by Mohammad Shamsuddoha
WCS is helping to secure the waters around Bangladesh’s Nijhum Dwip as a marine protected area. This would benefit the astounding diversity of threatened sharks and rays that our fisheries investigations have recorded there.
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Breaking Barriers in the Bay of Bengal
by Shamsunnahar Shanta
WCS’s Shamsunnahar Shanta notes, “I feel strongly that I must continue breaking barriers, both for my own sake as well as for the many promising young female scientists (and perhaps one day fisherwomen) of Bangladesh.”
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A Boost for Marine Conservation in Melanesia
by Stacy Jupiter
A new partnership between WCS and the Blue Action Fund will help integrate local cultural considerations into marine conservation programs to ensure a more sustainable future.
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Record Breaking Global Support for Shark and Ray Protections
by Luke Warwick
61 countries have added their name as ‘co-sponsors’ to one or more of the listing proposals. This represents the highest level of co-sponsorship for any proposal in the more than 40-year history of the CITES Convention.
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Molecular Tech Helps Fight Wildlife Crime
by Adeline Seah, Stefan Prost
Portable technologies, including miniature sequencing and DNA detection tools, have been developed that could help WCS assist the government of Indonesia in the fight against wildlife crime.
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Thai Government Has Solid Record on Wildlife
by Anak Pattanavibool
“As a member representing the academic sector in various national committees on the environment,” notes WCS’s Anak Pattanavibool, “I have observed how the Thai government has pushed for progress in conservation.”
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Forests Are 30% of the Climate Solution
by Cristián Samper
WCS President and CEO Cristián Samper shares his thoughts on intact forests—and their relationship to climate change and indigenous peoples—in a video commentary for Seeker.
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In Search of the Cat of the Mountains
by María Elena Carbajal
WCS Peru's María Elena Carbajal on how the Cuyocuyo district's spectacular natural and cultural values provide the ideal conditions for the conservation of species like the Andean cat.
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Nature Is My Religion
by David Wilkie
David Wilkie's long Sunday walks in Scotland with his family as a young boy taught him to value nature simply for its remarkable beauty, its complexity, and the interdependence of its pieces.
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The Nature of Conservation Evidence: Imperfect, But Good Enough
by David Wilkie, Michael Painter
While formal evidence-gathering is important to making good conservation decisions, such decisions must also informed by conservationists' expert knowledge, organized by theory and experience.
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The Warming May Be Global, but Adaptation Will Need to Be Local
by Lauren Oakes
There is a strong correlation between knowledge about climate change and the motivation and ability to adapt. Those most connected to nature and knowledgeable about the effects of warming are the most prepared.
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Conservation News to Be Thankful For
by Wildlife Conservation Society
There was a lot to be thankful for this past year, including new protected areas on land and at sea, new wildlife-friendly laws on the books, and new opportunities to spread the importance of conservation.
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Jaguar Conservation on the Continental Scale
by John Polisar
Jaguar range countries have united across Latin America to execute a 2030 Jaguar Conservation Roadmap that will ensure the viability of core population strongholds and corridors between them.
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Saving Wilderness Areas Before It’s Too Late
by Cristián Samper
In a New York Times letter to the editor, WCS president and CEO Cristián Samper applauds Hansjörg Wyss for his $1 billion commitment to preserving the Earth’s remaining wild places.
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We're Facing a World Without Elephants:
by James A. Baker III
Former US Sec. of State James A. Baker III argues, "If we are to protect the world’s remaining elephants, we must support the countries where they live, whose communities are threatened by criminal trafficking networks."
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