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This Caribbean flamingo at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo splashes as it bathes in the aquatic birds exhibit.  Flamingos are very social, feeding together during the day. Born white, flamingoes do not get their trademark pink feathers until they are one to three years of age. The adult's rich color comes from pigments in the food that the birds eat.  They spend up to one third of their day preening to ensure their feathers stay waterproof.   Caribbean flamingoes enjoying the warm...
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A WCS report, “Species Feeling the Heat: Connecting Deforestation and Climate Change,” highlights the impacts of deforestation and climate change on species around the globe.
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Report Highlights Impacts of Deforestation & Climate Change NEW YORK (December 7, 2009) —The Wildlife Conservation Society today released a list of animals facing new impacts by climate change, some in strange and unexpected ways. In a new report titled “Species Feeling the Heat: Connecting Deforestation and Climate Change,” the Wildlife Conservation Society profiles more than a dozen animal species and groups that are facing threats...
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WCS President and CEO Dr. Steven E. Sanderson, Appearing in Americas Quarterly: Does the 21st Century Belong to Asia or Latin America?Latin America Positioned to Lead On Climate Change and Sustainable Policies Sanderson Suggests a Three-Point Conservation Agenda for Latin America as a prelude to UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December (BRONX, NEW YORK, October 15, 2009) In the article “Growing Green,” appearing in the fall issue of the jour...
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