Hosted by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in partnership with I Love NY, the inaugural Cycle Adirondacks is in full gear as the riders have reached the half-way point of the week-long tour.

 More than 150 riders from 30 states and two Canadian provinces are enjoying the hospitality of the host-towns and exploring the natural beauty of the Adirondacks. Many of the first time visitors are already talking about coming back.

If you want to check out the action from each day’s events, see videos from the ride, and amazing photography of the riders and the route, click here for Facebook coverage and here for the Cycle Adirondacks website.

During the day, riders are experiencing a route that boasts thousands of acres of scenic vistas and wildlife habitat, 35 quaint towns, and welcoming local residents. WCS has identified more than 50 unique points of interest that are being interpreted for the riders by scientists and naturalists along the entire route.

Net proceeds of Cycle Adirondacks will support WCS’s community-based conservation program which focuses on engaging directly with local leaders to advance sustainable development projects that benefit both people and wildlife. WCS is a trusted leader in the Adirondack region, providing science and support to help advance regional discussions and resolve conservation issues. Locally-based nonprofit groups and area schools throughout the region of the ride will also benefit from the event with small grants in exchange for their involvement as volunteers. Over 200 people are pitching in to volunteer for this event.

WCS received a marketing grant from I Love New York through the Mohawk Valley Regional Economic Development Council to help build and promote Cycle Adirondacks.

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By The Numbers


250,000 – Contracts (in $s) with Local and Regional Vendors

45,000 – Grants (in $s) Awarded to Community Civic Organizations

17,616 – Directly Engaged Pre-Event Social Media Audience

575 – Pounds of Locally Raised Meats and Vegetables to be Served

470 – Miles to be Pedaled

250 – Total Volunteers Involved

80 – Percent of Waste to be Recycled or Composted

64 – Community Civic Organizations Engaged

52 – Unique Points of Interest Identified to be Interpreted on the Route

43 – Participants Visiting the Region for the First Time

42 – Week-Long Volunteers to be Involved

38 – Wildlife Conservation Society Donors, Members & Staff Participating

35 – NY Communities to be Directly Touched by Event

32 – Different Media Outlets Devoting Pre-Event Content

30 – U.S. States Represented by Riders

25 – Partners, Agencies and Sponsors Engaged

23 – NY Businesses Directly Engaged

20 – Different Meals to be Served in 12 Different Locations

18 – Music and Entertainment Acts to Perform in Eight Days

12 – Wildlife Conservation Society Projects to be Highlighted

12 – Other Non-Profit Organizations Contributing

8 – NY Counties to be Traversed

2 – Canadian Provinces Represented by Riders