Growing up in the midst of the forests of India’s Western Ghats, Dr. Ullas Karanth, WCS’s Director for Science-Asia, developed an early passion for wildlife. He spent most of his early school years outdoors, experiencing nature in an experimental school run by his father.

Once Dr. Karanth joined regular school in sixth grade, he was well aware of the necessity for conservation. Along with his uncle, who was a forest department official, he took trips to Nagarhole, the 248-square foot nature reserve in South India and learned more about the threats to the country’s iconic tigers. After reading more about them in a magazine article by famed WCS conservationist George Schaller, he found his true calling.

Through his continued education and study, Dr. Karanth sought to understand the issues that arose when villages were set up in close proximity to the big cats. Now, along with his daughter, Krithi, he continues his efforts to discover solutions to human-wildlife conflict in order to protect this majestic animal.

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