New York, Sept 4, 2023 – The IPBES, the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, sounded the alarm today about the world’s widespread global threat of invasive alien species. In a new IPBES report, the intergovernmental body notes that invasive alien species are “seriously threatening nature, nature’s contributions to people and good quality of life.”

Monica Medina, president and CEO of the Wildlife Conservation Society, said:

"Every challenge that nature faces compounds all the others. Invasive alien species are adding stress to fragile ecosystems already facing a plethora of other threats.

“The web of life which holds nature together is real as is the web of the destructive forces tearing it a part. 

“We commend IPBES for issuing this invasive alien species red alert to inform decision makers and the public that we urgently need to address all causes of the extinction crisis. Contending with alien invasive species affects the work of WCS field programs across the world. Conserving and recovering remaining intact strongholds of nature is critical to increase the resilience of the planet to all threats, including the spread of alien invasive species.”