The Wildlife Conservation Society today launched WCS Wild Audio, a new podcast featuring stories about wildlife; threats to nature and their solutions; and personal stories on what it is like to be on the front lines of saving wildlife and wild places. Watch promo HERE.

You can find WCS Wild Audio HERE on the WCS website; and across these platforms: Apple Podcasts; Amazon; Spotify; iHeartRadio; Podchaser; Stitcher; and Spreaker.

The inaugural episode features Emily Darling who directs WCS's global coral reef conservation program. Working with WCS programs in roughly a dozen countries, she thinks a lot about how to save these sensitive ecosystems—most importantly from climate change. WCS Wild Audio’s Nat Moss checked in with her to learn more about a bleaching event on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and what it suggests about the larger goal of reef conservation.

Two upcoming episodes:

The Bronx Zoo Is Working to Save Some of the World’s Most Threatened Turtle Species; and Preventing Pandemics at the Source.

All can sign up to receive WCS Wild Audio Alerts as new episodes are posted by writing to WCS’s Nat Moss at

Wild Audio is created by WCS staff:  Nat Moss, Executive Producer, Co-Host, Reporter; Hannah Kaplan; Associate Producer, Co-Host, Audio Engineer; and Dan Rosen,
Web Producer.