Mark Gately
Country Director, Congo (Republic of)
Mark has 15 years of experience in conservation management in Central Africa and South-East Asia. Having first arrived in Congo in 1999 to work for the Nouabale-Ndoki Project, he became NNNP Director in 2002. His tenure saw a significant expansion in ecotourism infrastructure and visitor numbers, the successful implementation of wildlife law enforcement activities, and the emergence of a number of young Congolese researchers. In 2007, Mark moved to Phnom Penh to become the Country Director for WCS's Cambodia Program, where he oversaw the development of a number of innovative financing mechanisms such as REDD+ and the expansion of community-based ecotourism. After two years as Director of WCS's Gabon Country Program, including the development of proposals to expand the country's network of marine protected areas, Mark has now returned to Congo to head the WCS Country Program.
Patrick Boundja
Patrick first joined Conservation world in 1999 as a research assistant for the WCS Ndoki Elephant Project upon his graduation with an Engineer Diploma in Forestry from the University of Brazzaville. Studying forest elephant and great apes in Northern Congo helped Patrick develop his understanding of the Congo’s rich-biodiversity, wildlife-habitats relationships, and his skills as well as built his interest in pursuing a conservation career. He graduated with a Masters in Conservation Biology from the University of Cape Town, South Africa in 2007. As WCS Congo GIS, Ecological and Law Enforcement Monitoring and data management Technical Assistant Between 2007 and 2008, Patrick worked with experts from the US Forest Service and representatives from the CNIAF (Centre National des Inventaires et Aménagements Forestiers du Congo) to develop a country-wide Geodatabase and Access data base for line transect surveys. Since August 2012, Patrick has started his PhD in Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA. Patrick’s PhD research is focused on elephant conservation and sustainable fisheries in Northern Congo and the Sangha Tri-National landscape
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