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Once considered “mission impossible,” a grueling study of Papua New Guinea’s long-beaked echidna reveals this rare, egg-laying mammal’s elusive habits.
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Study on Papua New Guinea’s long-beaked echidna reveals elusive habits NEW YORK (June 9, 2009)—A Wildlife Conservation Society research intern working in the wilds of Papua New Guinea has successfully completed what many other field biologists considered “mission impossible”—the first study of a rare egg-laying mammal called the long-beaked echidna. The WCS-supported study—which consisted of thousands of hours of grueling field work in Papua New Guinea’s Crater Mountain Wildlife Manage...
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A WCS study suggests that the experience of matriarchs may help herds survive in the age of climate change, when animals may have to contend with increasing drought
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Recent study suggests experience of old matriarchs may help herds survive in age of climate changeNEW YORK (August 11, 2008)—A recent study by the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) suggests that old female elephants—and perhaps their memories of distant, life-sustaining sources of food and water—may be the key to survival during the worst of times.In particular, experienced elephant matriarchs seem to give their family groups an edge in the struggle for sur...
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