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Protecting America’s Majestic Bison: From the Bronx to the Great Plains
by Pat Thomas
In a new op-ed for the New York Daily News, WCS's Pat Thomas writes that the Bronx Zoo is extremely pleased to be a part of a second wave of bison conservation work focused on ensuring that our national mammal will continue to thrive in the American West long into the future.
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Centering Indigenous-Led Governance of Coral Reefs
by Sushil Raj, Madhu Rao, Cliff Kapono, Myrna Cunningham Kain
As the global community moves towards a goal of conserving at least 30% of the planet by 2030, conversations and solutions must center the science and voices of Indigenous peoples, write WCS's Sushil Raj and Madhu Rao. This means working with Indigenous peoples to incorporate their values and inherent rights as resource-holders and stewards into every step of the process.
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Want to Prevent Pandemics? Stop Spillovers
by Susan Lieberman, Neil M. Vora, Lee Hannah, Mariana M. Vale, Raina K. Plowright, and Aaron S. Bernstein
In a new comment for Nature, WCS's Sue Lieberman and colleagues argue that for around US$20 billion per year, the likelihood of spillover could be greatly reduced. This is the amount needed to halve global deforestation in hotspots for emerging infectious diseases; drastically curtail and regulate trade in wildlife; and greatly improve the ability to detect and control infectious diseases in farmed animals.
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How I Turned Passion for Design and Wildlife Into a Career
by Susan Chin
In a new essay for PBS Nature celebrating Asian and Pacific Island Heritage Month, WCS's Sue Chin discusses how design and integrated content and messaging contribute to inspiring people to care about nature and animals with the ultimate goal of creating advocates for conservation.
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A Day for Mothers Includes Nature
by Natalie Cash, Vanessa Garrison
This Mother’s Day, the Wildlife Conservation Society and GirlTrek are coming together to promote tangible steps everyone can take to protect nature. Read the essay by WCS’s Natalie Cash and GirlTrek’s Vanessa Garrison.
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Ecological Distancing and Why Knowing Nature Matters
by Dan Kraus
As we make our way back to pre-pandemic life, says WCS Canada's Dan Kraus, it is important that we continue to foster these connections to nature. Because ecological distancing is taking a toll on our health and our planet.
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Wolverines and Climate Change
by Matthew Scrafford
WCS Canada's Matt Scrafford joins the Canadian Broadcasting Corp's "Superior Morning" podcast to discuss how climate change is impacting wolverines and their habitats.
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Think Before You Act: Improving the Conservation Outcomes of CITES Listing Decisions
by Susan Lieberman et al.
WCS's Sue Lieberman and colleagues argue in a new commentary that "embedding socio-economic factors in CITES listing criteria would disrupt the scientific basis of the listing process without truly addressing the economic inequalities and inequities of the wildlife trade."
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This Earth Day, Americans Should Get Wild
by John Calvelli
WCS's John Calvelli encourages participation in the Wild For All campaign to "explore the natural beauty of your own neighborhood and think about how it connects to the larger goal of protecting the integrity and biodiversity of life on our planet."
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Working With Crocodiles in Cuba
by Natalia Rossi
For the Brave New Women podcast, WCS's Natalia Rossi describes her work as a woman in conservation and particularly with crocodiles. From surveying nesting sites to jumping out of boats to capture crocodiles in nets at night, her job is definitely not for the faint-hearted!
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Plotting a More Equitable Journey for Mankind and the Planet
by Eric Sanderson
America has vast natural resources, says WCS's Eric Sanderson for the Forbes "Futures in Focus" podcast, but the way we pay, extract and use them has to shift radically. We cannot change the laws of physics, but we can change human laws.
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Government Must Make the Case for Mining in the Ring of Fire
by Constance O'Connor, Justina Ray
Ontario will only be able to boast an environmentally responsible mining sector if mining projects are based on a careful assessment of net benefits and impacts," write WCS's Constance O'Connor and Justina Ray in an opinion for Northern Ontario Business, adding, "A solid scientific assessment of risks and benefits, and an equitable process with First Nations that respects their jurisdiction, is the only credible recipe for success."
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Best Practices to Confront Pandemics at the Source
by Chris Walzer
"We know the best practices to avoid the next pandemic," writes WCS's Chris Walzer in a new op-ed for The Revelator. "Recognizing and valuing the foundational importance of intact and resilient environments, stopping deforestation, limiting land-use change, and eliminating the commercial live animal trade for consumption will be critical to our future health and wellbeing. Let’s make these our urgent priorities."
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Conservation Technology: Navigating the Hype
by Jonathan Palmer
“Conservation is like many other industries when it comes to technology investments," writes WCS's Jonathan Palmer. The key, he says, is to understand where and when to identify scalable use cases with clear value propositions.
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After Failure, Reflection: Effective Conservation Requires Regular Assessments
by David Wilkie, Heidi Kretser, Kara Stevens, Matthew Carr, Richard Margoluis
In a new commentary for Mongabay, WCS's David Wilkie and Heidi Kretser argue with colleagues that talking about failed conservation efforts does not happen often enough in ways that promote shared learning within organizations.
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One Woman’s Quest to Counter Wildlife Trafficking in Thailand
by Joob Jornburom
In a new blog for PBS Nature for Women's History Month, WCS Thailand's Joob Jornbuom writes, "Working with WCS for more than 10 years has provided me with a strong grounding in conservation and science. During Women’s History Month I think about the women who have served as role models in earlier generations."
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