Protecting endangered wildlife is an important and, unfortunately, often a dangerous job. On September 13, two wildlife rangers died and two others were seriously injured in the line of duty in the Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary. The rangers were attacked by a criminal gang of poachers armed with an AK-47. The gang had been targeting tigers, elephants, gibbons, and other wildlife. Law enforcement officials worked tirelessly to catch two of the poachers and are pursuing the two remaining poachers.

The brave rangers showed dedication and heroism in the face of violence committed by ruthless criminals trying to profit off the Western Forest Complex’s precious wildlife and resources to fund criminal activity. WCS extend condolences to the families of the rangers killed, and commends the Government of Thailand for its serious efforts to secure these areas from future attacks.

This region of Thailand in and around Thung Yai East is a hotspot for poacher activity and WCS will provide financial and technical support to the area in order to secure its wildlife and rangers. Encouragingly, the government has decided to fast-track the judicial process of the two captured poachers; however, rangers like these are fighting on the front lines and need the highest quality support from their governments to safely protect wildlife.

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