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July 30, 2020

Country Reports-Predict Project

In Mongolia, the PREDICT project focused on improving the national capacity for wild bird surveillan...
June 11, 2020

After 65 years, a Desert Nomad Crosses a Railroad Track and Makes History

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) released a photo today of a single Asiatic wild ass or khula...

Leadership and Management Training

Манлайллын ур чадвар олгох сургалт

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Highlights of the USAID PREDICT project's work in Mongolia, led by the Wildlife Conservation Society

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SMART introduction video

SMART introduction video

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Crossing the Tracks: The Legal Implications of Establishing a Wildlife Friendly Corridor Along the Trans-Mongolia Railway
Author(s): James Wingard; Aubrey Collins; Alice Pasqualato; Renee Payton; Maria Pascual; Kirk Olson eds; Sanjaa Bolortsetseg eds
Year: 2022

Хулан хамгааллын стратеги WCS (3)
Author(s): Petra Kaczensky, Bayarbaatar Buuveibaatar, John C.Payne, Samantha Strindberg, Chris Walzer, Nyamsuren Batsaikhan, Sanjaa Bolortsetseg, Ray Victurine, Kirk A.Olson
Year: 2021

Gobi Rangeland Metric_v2021
Author(s): Otgonsuren Avirmed, Matt D.White, Khorloo Batpurev, Peter Giffioen, Canran Liu, Sergelenkhuu Jambal, Hayley Sime, Kirk Olson & Steve J. Sinclair
Year: 2021

Rangeland Condition Metrics for the Gobi Desert Derived from Stakeholder Evaluations. Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research Technical Report Series No. 289
Author(s): Otgonsuren Avirmed, Matt D. White, Khorloo Batpurev, Peter Griffioen, Canran Liu, Sergelenkhuu Jambal, Hayley Sime, Kirk Olson & Steve J.Sinclair
Year: 2018
World Biodiversity Day 2016
Author(s): WCS Mongolia
Year: 2016

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