Two Countries, One Forest

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Identifying Corridors among Large Protected Areas in the United States
This study aims to identify potential connections between protected areas in the contiguous Unites States by applying a modelling approach that maps “natural” (i.e., least human-modified) corridors between large protected areas.
Interacting Social and Environmental Predictors for the Spatial Distribution of Conservation Lands
Conservation decisions should be evaluated for how they meet conservation goals at multiple spatial extents. Conservation easements are land use decisions resulting from a combination of social and environmental conditions. An emerging area of research is the evaluation of spatial distribution of easements and their spatial correlates. We tested the relative influence of interacting social and environmental variables on the spatial distribution of conservation easements by ownership category and conservation status.

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Deux Pays, Une Forêt  Deux Pays, Une Forêt est un cadre important de collaboration transfrontière, qui rassemble des organisations, des chercheurs, des fondations et des personnalités oeuvrant pour la conservation. Notre communauté internationale centre son action sur la protection, la conservation et la régénération des forêts et du patrimoine naturel de l'écorégion des Appalaches nordiques et de l'Acadie qui s'étend de New York à la nouvelle Écosse.