Nyungwe is one of several forests in the Albertine Rift that are well-known for their rich bird life, and is one the most important areas for bird conservation in Africa with over 275 bird species. This includes 26 Albertine Rift endemic birds, more than any other protected area in the region, which are most species rich along the Congo-Nile Divide. Two of these species, the Kungwe Apalis (Apalis argentea) and Grauer’s Swamp Warbler (Bradypterus graueri) are Endangered, while the  Shelley’s Crimson-wing (Cryptospiza shelleyi), white-headed vulture (Trigonoceps occipitalis), Albertine owlet (Glaucidium albertinum), Chapin's flycatcher (Muscicapa lendu), and Rockefeller's Sunbird (Cinnyris rockefelleri) are listed as Vulnerable under IUCN criteria.


Latest Publications

Biodiversity surveys of the Nyungwe Forest Reserve

Author(s): Andrew J. Plumptre, Michel Masozera, Peter J. Fashing, Alastair McNeilage, Corneille Ewango, Beth A. Kaplin, and Innocent Liengola

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