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Mozambique makes a stand against wildlife crime
July 6th, 2015 – Mozambique made a strong stand against wildlife crime today by burning a recently seized stockpile of 2434.6 kg ivory and 86 pieces of rhino horn weighing 193.5Kg.
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Government of Mozambique to destroy ivory and rhino horn
July 6, 2015 -- Mozambique’s National Conservation Areas Authority (ANAC) today announced a plan to destroy a recently seized stockpile of ivory and rhino horn. This will happen on Monday 6th July in Maputo.
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NGOs Urged to Unite to Help Stop Elephant Slaughter ahead of U.S. Times Square Ivory Crush
June 17  - Days ahead of the U.S. Times Square ivory stockpile destruction, Stop Ivory, along with the Wildlife Conservation Society and Save the Elephants, are appealing to NGOs around the world to heed the call of eight African countries to join the Elephant Protection Initiative (EPI) to stop the wholesale slaughter of elephants which threatens is decimating elephant populations across Africa.
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 Beijing Customs Launches “Bring No Ivory Home” Campaign
NEW YORK June 4, 2015) One day before China crushed 660 kg of ivory and indicated it would move to stop the processing and domestic sale of ivory, Beijing Customs launched a campaign called “Customs Actions to Protect Endangered Species – Bring No Ivory Home”  The event was a joint effort between Beijing Customs, (WCS) Wildlife Conservation Society. WildAid and the CITES Management Authority of China, and was held at Beijing Capital Airport on May 28th.  At the event,...
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Govt of Mozambique announces major decline in national elephant population
MAPUTO, MOZAMBIQUE (May 26, 2015) – A major decline in elephant numbers in Mozambique was announced by the Minister of Land, Environment and Rural Development, Minister Celso Correia, at a signing ceremony for trans-boundary conservation cooperation between Mozambique and Tanzania in Maputo last night.
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April 22--Madagascar Creates Nation’s First Community-Led Marine Protected Areas
The Government of Madagascar commemorates Earth Day with the formal creation of three community-led marine protected areas that will double the surface of the country’s marine protected area network, according to WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society).
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WCS: The Escape of Elephant Poaching Suspects from Niassa National Reserve Only Sparks More Determination to Stop the CriminalsNiassa National Reserve, Mozambique, Nov. 7, 2014 The following statement was released today by the Wildlife Conservation Society concerning the escape of two suspected elephant poachers. The poachers escaped on Oct. 27th from a Mecula police station. The suspects, arrested with guns and ammunition in their possession, were to be prosecuted under a stricter law which wo...
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Arrests latest in enforcement crackdown in Niassa National Reserve Operation coincides with new conservation law to deter poachers Marrupa, Mozambique, Sept. 29, 2014–Two known ivory poachers were arrested and five illegal firearms seized on Monday, September 22nd near Niassa National Reserve by a joint force including Niassa Reserve scouts from WCS and the Ministry of Tourism, supported by the new branch of the Mozambican police in charge of environmental crimes, and other scouts from the Luwir...
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This photo of a month old baby elephant killed by poachers was taken in the Niassa National Reserve in Mozambique. The poachers killed the baby and its mother whose tusks they brutally hacked off for the ivory. The Great Elephant Census will provide the unavoidable statistics of the true scale of the poaching crisis in Mozambique. Horrors such as this image which was taken this summer, coupled with hard data, will drive the nation's elephant strategy.

Photo Credit: A. Jorge/ Niassa Carnivore Project.
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On a recent trip to Mozambique’s Niassa National Reserve, WCS Presdient and CEO Cristián Samper and Alastair Nelson, WCS Mozambique Country Director, traveled by helicopter to bear witness to an elephant that had been killed just hours earlier. Unfortunately this is not unusual for the area, but the Mozambique government and WCS are integrating resources and staff to protect Niassa's elephants.
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