Dr. Noviar Andayani, M.Sc.

Country Director Indonesia Program

Dr. Noviar Andayani joined WCS-IP as Deputy Country Director from the University of Indonesia, where she was Head of the Conservation Biology Graduate Program (2003 – 2007). She has been a lecturer at the University of Indonesia for over 30 years and continues teaching conservation science in addition to her role at WCS. Outside of these two institutions, Dr. Andayani has been the Director of the Javan Gibbon Center since 2003 until now and was the Chair of the Indonesian Primatological Association from 2005 – 2015. She holds a Ph.D. in Conservation Biology from the University of Indonesia (partly based at the University of Columbia, USA), with her research focusing on the conservation genetics of two endemic and Critically Endangered primate species - Javan gibbon and Sumatran orangutan. Currently, Country Director in WCS-IP, Dr. Andayani directs a country program of more than 50 projects covering the provinces of Aceh, North Sumatra, Bengkulu, Lampung, DKI Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara, North Sulawesi, Gorontalo, South Sulawesi, Maluku, and North Maluku.

Dr. William Marthy

Deputy Country Director

Dr. William Marthy is the WCS-IP Deputy Country Director since January 2023. He oversees a diverse set of projects structured under the following five thematic programs: Forests, Aquatic, Wildlife Trade and Policy, One Health, and Rights and Communities, which are underpinned by the strategic unit of Science and Technology Unit (STU) and Conservation Network & Partnership Unit (CNPU). Formerly, he was a Senior Program Manager for the Forests Program which comprises training and technical assistance to landscape partners in biodiversity monitoring (such as camera trapping for mammals and elephant DNA surveys), human-wildlife conflict mitigation (mainly tiger, elephant, and orangutan), protected area management (through enhanced patrolling systems and strategic planning) and a ‘Forest First’ approach to support farmers, government and private sector companies remove land cover change risk. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology (University of Indonesia), a master’s degree in Environmental Science (Australian National University), and a Ph.D. in the ecology of bird communities in degraded Sumatran forest (University of Goettingen, Germany). He worked in biodiversity conservation in Indonesia for various conservation NGOs from 1998 until 2014, when he joined WCS-IP.

Iwan Hunowu

Northern Sulawesi manager

Iwan graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture in the Agronomy Science Department, at Sam Ratulangi University, Manado, in 1997. He joined the conservation project in Sangihe and Talaud as a Research Team Member to conduct the study of the endangered and endemic birds of Sangihe and Talaud Island, the project won the 1998 BP Conservation Award. Iwan joined WCS in 1999 and started as a Field Manager to conduct and manage biodiversity surveys, including his love of maleo conservation. In 2015 Iwan was promoted to become Sulawesi Program Manager. He provides overall leadership for the WCS-IP Sulawesi Program, overseeing the strategic planning and ongoing refinement of its strategy and ongoing development. He manages key provincial and site-level government relations including in the Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park.

Dr. Ir. Titiek Setyawati, M.Sc.

Sustainable landscape program manager 

Titiek has been with the WCS-IP team since 2018, she holds a Ph.D. from The University of Melbourne, Australia; a Master’s degree from the Mississippi State University, USA; and a Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Forestry at Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB University).  She has an interest in biodiversity conservation, sustainable forest management, environmental impact management, invasive alien species, and wildlife management. From 1989 until March 2022, she has been a senior researcher in the field of forest ecology at the Center for Forest Research and Development, the Forestry Research and Innovation Agency at the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.  Since April 2022 she works under National Innovation Research Agency (BRIN) as a researcher leading an invasive species management research division. She also has been seconded for several years at CIFOR, UNDP, and UNEP-CABI. Titiek has been involved in the development and revision process of mandatory certification standards of Sustainable Forest Management (PHPL and PHTL), and voluntary certification standards of FSC and PEFC including 13 years of experience as an international auditor for the FSC voluntary certification scheme. She has done more than 35 FSC audits in Indonesia and overseas (South Korea, Vietnam, PNG, and China).  She has been involved in several HCV assessments and is currently active as a Quality Panel Member of HCVRN and Standard Development Group (SDG) for FSC. From 2018 until the present, she has been registered as a non-permanent lecturer, in the Post Graduate Program, Faculty of Forestry and Environment, Bogor Agricultural University (NUPI: 120180178) and supervised several post-graduate students.

Sofi Mardiah, M.Si.

Wildlife Trade Policy Program Manager

Sofi Mardiah has a background in Environmental and Natural Resources Management and Forestry from Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB University). She leads the WCS-IP Wildlife Trade and Policy Program which focuses on supporting the Government of Indonesia in illegal wildlife trade (IWT) mitigation through strengthening government law enforcement efforts and policy reform support for species conservation and supporting CITES and CBD implementation at the national level. Her overall responsibilities include managing all Countering Wildlife Trafficking (CWT) related projects, substantial and managerial support for the implementation of activities under the program, maintaining staff, as well as partner and government engagement. She has more than 16 years of experience in forest and wildlife policy and governance issues in Indonesia and has been working to support the Ministry of Environment and Forestry’s policy reform, being a co-author in the development of the Indonesia Conservation Action Plan and Strategy of Helmeted Hornbill and supporting in the revision of Indonesian protected species list. 

Tasrif Kartawijaya, M.Si.

marine senior program manager

Tasrif has over 10 years of experience in spearheading efforts to establish and improve the management effectiveness of marine protected areas and develop sustainable fisheries management in Indonesia. He received a master’s degree in Fisheries at Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB University). His research was on the dynamics of reef fisheries in Karimunjawa National Park. His skillful communication and collaboration techniques have been critical to reversing major threats to marine natural resources such as destructive fishing practices in Indonesia, together work with the governments and local communities to join in the conservation efforts, and fish populations have rebounded in areas where they were previously in decline. Through his patience and tireless effort, he assisted the government in establishing and improving marine protected areas, strengthening sustainable fisheries co-management, and supporting the government on community empowerment around the conservation area/buffer village communities. Currently, he holds the position of Marine Senior Program Manager overseeing the aquatic program portfolio at four provinces and two national parks.

Annisa Budiayu, M.Sc.

north maluku program manager

Anisa received her M.Sc. in Coastal Environmental Management, from the European Institute for Marine Studies, University of Western Brittany, France, and her Marine Science BA from Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB University). She started her professional work on conservation in 2012 in East Kalimantan, to reinitiate the Marine Protected Area (MPA) in Berau District which also included the provision of support for the district government in Marine Spatial Planning (MSP).  Her work in facilitating MPA and MSP also connect her to other coastal management issues at the provincial and national level.  Starting in 2019, Anisa joins WCS-IP to support the management and implementation of the program in North Maluku, and in 2020 she also supports program implementation in North Sulawesi.


Jeni Pareira, M.Si.

Forest and climate Senior advisor 

Jeni Pareira has more than 20 years of experience in forest conservation and has an in-depth understanding of forest governance in Indonesia. She has extensive experience in the design and management of forest conservation and community development programs, and in designing and working with a complex multi-stakeholder partnership. Her work is particularly focused on creating new strategies and innovations that bring market forces to support landscape-scale conservation in a transformative way. Her collaborative approach towards problem-solving for conservation draws a wealth of experience with partners from all levels of Government, NGOs, local communities and farmers, and companies in the private sector (such as Olam, Nestle, Musim Mas, and Cargill), to catalyze success. In WCS-IP, she set up the Sustainable Landscapes Program and three flagship projects that are working to remove land cover change risk from major commodity supply chains in large forest landscapes (coffee in Lampung, oil palm in Aceh, and coconuts in North Sulawesi). Prior to joining WCS-IP in 2016, Jeni worked for several conservation organizations including the Global Canopy Program, Fauna & Flora International, Forest Carbon, Global Eco Rescue, Borneo Tropical Rainforest Foundation, and Burung Indonesia. Jeni holds a master’s degree in Forest Management Science with a major in Forestry Policy from the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB University).


Fahrul Paja Amama

conservation network & partnership unit manager  

Over 23 years of experience for conservation field works in Sumatra, Jawa, Sulawesi, Nusa Tenggara, and Maluku. Focusing his works on communication and outreach, especially on social marketing for conservation and behavior change campaign; environmental education; media relations and advocacy campaign. He started his works on wildlife conservation as a volunteer for a conservation project in small remote islands of Sangihe and Talaud. Then he founded a local NGO there and became a chairman of Sampiri Foundation. After spending years on the islands, he moved to some exotic islands of Wallacea Region including Tanimbar, Sumba, Flores, Halmahera, and Sulawesi, to conduct several species conservation projects before carried out an urban bird conservation initiatives in six big cities of Java and Bali. More recently he moved to Sumatra to support the forest ecosystem restoration initiative by the BirdLife Consortium in Jambi and South Sumatra, before he finally joined the WCS.


Dr. Ulfah Mardiah

science & Technology unit coordinator  

Ulfah joined WCS-IP in 2017 first as a Data Consultant and then as a Data Analyst in 2018. She’s currently the Science & Technology Unit Coordinator, a cross-cutting unit that helps enhance the scientific capacity of WCS-IP’s staff through capacity-building activities, assistance in data analysis and scientific publication writing, and coordinating the annual Research Fellowship Program. Ulfah studied for her bachelor’s in Biology, at Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia, and gained her master’s from EMBC program on Marine Biodiversity and Conservation where she was based at Universitaet Bremen, Germany. She then continued to study for her Ph.D. under the SMART EMJD program, based in Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany, where she studied the role of AMF in a pristine riparian setting. She continued for a one-year postdoc in the same institute before joining WCS-IP.


Ahmad Faisal DVM. M.Res.

one health senior coordinator  

Having a background as a wildlife veterinarian and biologist, Ahmad Faisal has more than 12 years of experience working for species conservation in Indonesia. He received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and his master’s degree in Wildlife Conservation from the University of Southampton, United Kingdom. During 2009 and 2017, he worked in the Borneo orangutan rehabilitation center, a long-tailed macaque breeding facility and prior to joining WCS-IP, he worked for the Zoological Society of London Indonesia Program (ZSL) as its Tiger Protection Coordinator. He joined WCS-IP in 2017 as the Biodiversity and Conservation Associate and then in 2019 as the Wildlife Detection Dog Project Coordinator. In early 2023, he was appointed as the One Health Program Senior Coordinator. He will be the lead in developing the portfolio of the newly-launched program while still being involved in overseeing the wildlife sniffer dog project.


Yulia Sudjatmiko, M.M.


Operations director – Indonesia Program 

Yulia Sudjatmiko joined WCS-IP in February 2016. She holds a master’s degree in financial management and completed DFID/ USAID project/ contract management courses with InsideNGO in Washington D.C., USA, in October 2016 and with Humentum in Washington D.C., in March 2019. She has over 18 years of extensive experience in project planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation, capacity building, and organizational development, with over 10 years of experience in the security sector and police reform projects in Indonesia. In 2012, she founded Lembaga Suar Galang Keadilan, a local NGO working in the field of capacity building and law enforcement in conservation in the province of Aceh. She currently directs and oversees the WCS-IP Operations department which includes Finance, Grant & Budget Management, Human Resources, Administration, Information Technology units, Government Relations, and Safety & Security Coordination. Under her direction, WCS-IP has reformed the Standard Operating Procedures across these units, set up its government relations team, and developed its safety and security standards.

Nur Afni

finance and grant senior manager 

Nur Afni joined WCS-IP in 2015 as Senior Finance Officer. Currently, she holds Senior Finance and Grant Manager position, managing and overseeing WCS-IP portfolios with over 50 active grants and involving donors that include USAID, UK, Norway Governments, KfW, and various international private foundation(s). Her responsibilities also include ensuring regulation compliance, organizing audits, and liaising with donors on issues related to the financial report. She has a solid accounting background, having worked at Price Waterhouse Cooper as Auditor, and was involved in non-profit organization audits, and for Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center, a government agency, as an analyst. She completed DFID/ USAID project/contract Management courses with InsideNGO in Bangkok, Thailand, in March 2016 and with Humentum, Washington D.C., USA, in March 2019.


Renny Natalia

human resources senior manager 

Renny Natalia joined WCS-IP in 2016 as Human Resources and Administration Manager, and currently holds the position of Senior Human Resources Manager. She graduated from the Christian University of Indonesia with literature as her area of concentration and is a Certified Professional Coach from International Coach Federation. She has more than 20 years of experience in human resources strategic functions and planning: personnel administration management, recruiting and staffing; compliance with regulatory concerns; employee orientation; policy development, and Industrial Relations. Before joining WCS-IP, she had a vast professional experience in the human resources sphere, working as a Human Resources Management Specialist at AusAID Project, Human Resources Specialist at REDD+ Project at UNDP, Human Resources Manager at World Wide Fund Indonesia, and also as an International Human Resources Manager at Oxfam. In WCS-IP, she and her team have established various Human Resources policies including Organizational and Human Resources Regulation (Pro HR), Distinct Job Manual (DJM), salary structure Band-Class-Step (BCS) System, internal Human Resources e-magazine HR-Relay, Medical Check-Up Program, and Core Value socialization to support WCS-IP management system.