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WCS Indonesia Program works through layered conservation efforts to safeguard wildlife.

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Indonesia is ranked as one of the two most important‘mega-diversity’ countries in the world. Despite covering only 1.3% of the Earth’s land surface, Indonesia contains a high proportion of the world’s species, including 17% of bird, 12% of mammal, 16% of reptile and amphibian,25% of fish, 33% of insects, and 10% of the flowering plant species. This along with a high diversity of cultures make it one of the richest and challenging countries in which to work. WCS recognizes the importance of Indonesia to global conservation, and is working to save its wildlife and wild lands.

The Wildlife Conservation Society – Indonesia Program(WCS-IP) began working in Indonesia in 1965 and established a formal country program in 1991.Using a “muddy boots” method to conservation, we identify critical conservation issues, find science based solutions to these problems, and achieve tangible, on-the-ground success that benefits wildlife and wild places.


In the news

July 9, 2018

Informed Consent Penelitian Pengurangan Permintaan Terhadap Satwa Liar (Reducing demand for wildlife)

Kiri: Murai batu/ Copsychus saularis; Kanan: Hiu yang ditangkap oleh nelayan di Tanjung Luar, Lombok...
April 12, 2018

Pernyataan Niat Bersama Mengatasi Deforestasi Akibat Budidaya Kopi di Lanskap Bukit Barisan Selatan

Pernyataan Niat BersamaMengatasi Deforestasi Akibat Budidaya Kopi di Lanskap Bukit Barisan SelatanPe...
March 16, 2018

Science Lunch Talk #3: Mengevaluasi Peran Megafauna Karismatik Sebagai Spesies Payung untuk Keanekaragaman Spesies Mamalia Terestrial di Sumatra

Mengevaluasi peran megafauna karismatik sebagai spesies payung untuk keanekaragaman spesies mamalia ...
September 2, 2017


Jakarta, 29 Agustus 2017 – Hiu dan pari merupakan salah satu kelompok ikan yang memiliki keren...

Latest Publications

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Author(s): WCS Indonesia

SENKAWOR Edisi II 2017

Author(s): WCS Indonesia
Year: 2017

SENKAWOR Edisi I 2017

Author(s): WCS Indonesia

Tropical rainforest heritage of Sumatra

Author(s): WIldlife Conservation Society Indonesia Program
Year: 2005

Northwest Sumatra seascape

Author(s): Wildlife Conservation Society Indonesia Program
Year: 2005

North Sulawesi seascape

Author(s): WIldlife Conservation Society Indonesia Program
Year: 2005

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