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WCS Indonesia Program works through layered conservation efforts to safeguard wildlife.

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DNA-Based Technology as a Wildlife Conservation Strategy

Scientists agreed that the use of DNA analysis technology in animals can be used to support law enforcement agencies in combatting wildlife crime. 

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World’s Leading Coffee Companies Commit to Tackle Deforestation in Indonesia

WCS announced that a group of the world’s leading coffee companies has committed to addressing deforestation from illegal coffee production inside Indonesia’s Bukit Barisan Selatan (BBS) National Park, Sumatra, Indonesia.

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20 Years Conserving Sulawesi's Wildlife

Since 1999, Wildlife Conservation Society Indonesia Program has been supporting Indonesian government to protect Sulawesi's conservation areas based on three main programs: biodiversity survey, maleo conservation programs, and SMART Patrol.


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December 10, 2019

Why it is important to regulate shark fisheries in Indonesia

Uncontrollable declines in shark population will not only affect ocean life, but also humans.

December 10, 2019

They’re Smelly and Spiky, and They Need Bats to Pollinate Them

Researchers wanted to improve the fruit yields for small farmers in Indonesia, and hope their findings will encourage protections for bats.