North Sulawesi

North Sulawesi Province with 15,272 km2 of area and 1,837 km of coastline, is one of the richest in natural marine and coastal resources. North Sulawesi also known as the heart of Coral Triangle, which have the highest coral reef biodiversity, large area of mangrove and sea grass habitat. The marine conservation area in North Sulawesi includes Marine Protected Area and Mangrove Protected area in 26 villages , Bunaken National Park, MPAs in North Minahasa, Bitung and Sangihe Regency.



The objective of our work in North Sulawesi is to reduce the threats to biodiversity in this province, such as mangrove area conversion for coastal development and aquaculture, lack of capacity to manage aquatic resources, unsustainable fishing practices, poor law enforcement related with unsustainable fishing activities, extraction of protected and threatened species.



We started our program in North Sulawesi in 2009 by assisting local community and government to improve MPA management in North Minahasa. In North Sulawesi, in collaboration with the government, we have been working in improving capacity of community-based MPA in North Minahasa and Sitaro Regency; assisting the establishment of MPAs in North Minahasa and Bitung Regency; providing data and technical assistance; assisting the transfer MPA management authority from regency to provincial government as mandated by Law No.23/2014, and supporting the establishment of MPA management institution at provincial level.