Outreach and Communications

Aditi Rajan
Head Communications

Aditi completed her Masters in Conservation Biology from the University of Kent, Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology. For her thesis then, she studied the habitat and food preferences of the Greater Bamboo Lemur in Madagascar. Recognizing her interest in communicating science early-on, during her Bachelors she was responsible for creating effective communication content for a project on aquatic insect ecology in Agumbe.  She has had a long-standing interest in making this field accessible and bridging the gap between people and science. She is currently exploring ways for creating effective education and outreach programs towards the goal to be more proactive, provocative, and purposeful in increasing environmental literacy. Along with a passion for the mountains, she loves maps, infographics, learning (anything!), and harbors a mild caffeine addiction.


Andrew Dias

Andrew did his schooling in Saudi Arabia. He has done his BA in Journalism and Communication from Manipal Institute of Communication and his Masters in Wildlife Conservation Action from Bharati Vidyapeet University, Pune, with a thesis in “Understanding the Perception of Fishers in regard to Conservation of Whale Shark'' along the Karnataka and Goa coastline. He worked as a Social Media Strategist, Content Manager and part-time designer for four years, worked with start-ups primarily, from launching a new app in the market to getting people onto a specific landing page along with running ad campaigns digitally on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube as well as helped coordinate and implement traditional marketing in the form of strategic placement and designing of billboards, pamphlets, etc. He has also worked on by-catch analysis of rays (manta rays and mobulas) and the ecological significance of skeets (wide nose guitarfish, sharp nose guitarfish and bow mouth guitarfish).


Dipti Humraskar

Dipti Humraskar is a wildlife biologist by training and a passionate nature educator. After completing her Masters in Wildlife Biology and Conservation, she has been a part of conservation projects and developing and implementing awareness and education programmes in urban as well as rural landscapes. Over the last decade, she initiated the "Conservation Education and Outreach Programme" of the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust in the National Chambal Sanctuary, Rajasthan centered around gharial conservation. Following this she worked in Spiti and Ladakh with the Nature Conservation Foundation engaging with local communities, mainly school children, towards enhancing their fondness, knowledge and understanding of the local wildlife and issues therein. Dipti has also been associated with "Mumbaikars for SGNP", a citizen science initiative of the Maharashtra Forest Department that was formed to address the human-leopard interactions around the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai. She has been actively involved in managing interactions with residents, training and capacity building of media, police department and forest department through this project. Dipti currently coordinates the outreach component of the human-wildlife interactions project in Mumbai.


Jessica Luis

Jessica Luis is a Design Assistant with the Counter Wildlife Trafficking program. She obtained her Masters degree in Ecology and Environmental Sciences from Pondicherry University in 2016. She also has a diploma in Social Communications Media from Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai. Her work so far has focused on Smooth-coated Otter ecology and interaction with fisheries in Goa, Indian Skimmer breeding ecology along the Chambal, citizen science initiatives to document urban tree biodiversity and intertidal ecology, wildlife illustration and science communication.


Manish Machaiah

Manish is the Outreach Officer in the Media and Outreach team. He handles all the technical aspects of Outreach and Communication.

Shivangi Pant is the Instructional Strategist in Counter Wildlife Trafficking Program. She is a communication artist/designer and a storyteller, working towards communicating information and stories sensitively by expressing complex and layered narratives within a particular context. Her work revolves around working with different communities, understanding their experiences, cultures, and using my artistic practice to create awareness and construct points of action, where needed. She has completed her master’s degree in Earth education and communication from Srishti Institute of art, design and technology. She has a special interest in understanding the human-nature relationship with an inclination towards seeing the world through the eyes of the non-human world.

Sourabha Rao

Sourabha Rao is the Media & Outreach Manager at WCS-India. Sourabha is a bilingual writer, poet, translator and freelance columnist with literary proficiency in English and Kannada. She deeply cares about producing stories on nature and wildlife, social issues and art in English and Kannada. 
Sourabha strives to write truthfully and creatively in an earnest attempt to create content that both educates and entertains, has impact and mobilises positive social change. Writing, to her, is a spiritual process – of kneading thoughts into words.  






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