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Conservation Bulletin - Week 21 (2023)

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(May 26, 2023) As tourism booms in India’s Western Ghats, habitat loss pushes endangered frogs to the edge | Mongabay India’s Western Ghats, a global biodiversity hotspot, is home to many endemic and endangered species of amphibians, some of which are new to science and others suspected of lying in wait of discovery. Deforestation due to infrastructure and plantation expansion in the southern Western Ghats threaten the region’s amphibian species, many of which have highly restricted habita...


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Conservation Bulletin - Week 20 (2023)

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(May 19, 2023) Studies on migration patterns of milkweed butterflies and their feeding habits can help protect them, say researchers | The Hindu Researchers have highlighted the importance of studying the migration patterns and feeding habits of milkweed butterflies to protect them. These butterflies undertake a westward migration from the Eastern Ghats to the Western Ghats in southern India, becoming active for over two months upon arrival. The study revealed that the butterflies' wings are more damage...


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Conservation Bulletin - Week 19 (2023)

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(May 15, 2023) Understanding the role of local communities in the conservation of critically endangered rhino rays | Mongabay  A recent study by scientists from Ashoka University and the University of Oxford published in January this year examines the socio-ecological status of rhino rays using local ecological knowledge (LEK) of fishing communities in the coastal state of Goa. Guitarfish and wedge fish make up 17 species of rhino rays, of which 15 are critically endangered. However, these are not prot...


Conservation Bulletin - Week 18 (2023)

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(May 05, 2023) India Lost More than Half of Its Suitable Elephant Habitat in Last 300 Years, Shows Report | News18 India has lost over 50% of its historic elephant habitat range in the past 300 years, according to an international team of researchers. The study examined the habitat range of Asian elephants across 13 Asian countries between 1700 and 2015, and found that almost two-thirds of the region's once-suitable land had been lost, with China and India experiencing the greatest declines. This loss i...


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