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© Vardhan Ptankar
Photo Credit: © Vardhan Ptankar


WCS-India envisions a world where all life, on land and water, and people thrive together.



WCS-India’s mission is to retain, recover and restore wildlife and ecosystems. We shall achieve this through inclusive, evidence-based action, sustained engagement and creative communication to continue to inspire people.

© Amith Bangre
Photo Credit: © Amith Bangre

About WCS-India

WCS-India is a Section 25 non-profit company incorporated in India and compliant with all Indian regulations. In accordance with the global mission, WCS-India’s overarching goal is the protection and conservation of the natural environment, its flora and fauna, and in particular the preservation of wildlife and wild places in India. We combine wildlife conservation action and strategic policy interventions with rigorous principles of conservation science, and forge long-lasting productive partnerships with governmental and non-governmental partners as well as with local communities. Our conservation action addresses the overarching threats of habitat fragmentation, poaching and wildlife trade as well as human-wildlife conflict, which impacts our biodiversity and its habitats. 

Based on these principles, WCS-India's work has facilitated the consolidation of critical natural spaces while also bringing thousands of marginalized people into the mainstream to access a better quality of life. 

Considering the ever-changing facets of the issues and challenges associated with wildlife conservation, WCS-India’s objectives encompass a range of ecosystems and species across the country— from the dense forests of Karnataka and Kerala, and the tropical deciduous forests of Eastern Ghats, to the arid grasslands of Rajasthan; from the unique riverine habitats of the North and North East India landscape to the vibrant coral reefs of the Lakshadweep Islands.


© Amith Bangre
Photo Credit: © Amith Bangre

WCS-India is currently working across 20 states in India to address a diverse range of conservation issues, which include:

  • Consolidation of critical wildlife habitats and corridors in the Protected Area network in Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats landscapes via facilitation of government-sponsored voluntary relocation scheme, private purchase of critical land parcels, and expansion of protected areas.
  • Countering illegal wildlife trafficking by capacity enhancement of enforcement agencies and addressing legal and technical gaps.
  • Conservation of the marine and coastal ecosystems in India by strengthening the marine protected area network, improving the conservation status of sharks and rays in India, and mitigating bycatch of marine megafauna.
  • Mitigating human-wildlife conflict through awareness generation, stakeholder engagement, and community involvement.
  • Conservation of India’s charismatic and threatened fauna with community involvement and support to government efforts.

We are working in collaboration with the government and other stakeholders to ensure persistence of highly threatened fauna including the Great Indian Bustard in Rajasthan; Leopards (& their Prey) in Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, and West Bengal; Dholes in Karnataka and Kerala; Elephants in West Bengal and the Western Ghats; Tigers (& their Prey) in the Eastern and Western Ghats; Sharks and ray species, marine mammals and sea turtles in India; highly threatened freshwater turtles and tortoise species such as the Red Crowned Roofed Turtle and the Northern River Terrapin in the Terai Arc Landscape, National Chambal Sanctuary as well as the North east including Nagaland; and all wildlife species impacted by illegal wildlife trade in India. 


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