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In this page you can see customized charts generated according to your specifications made on the filtering area. Ictio is an application and a database on Amazonian migratory fish developed by the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology in collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Society and members of the Citizen Science for the Amazon Network, with participation of a broad network of citizen communities, indigenous peoples, management groups, fishermen's associations, individual fishermen and scientists. The Ictio app is available free for Android and its data is available on in accordance with the open data policy. You will be customizing charts from data until January 2022 of the updated database.

Sample Charts

User’s data collection effort and seasonal abundance information for selected region based on Ictio data

The above species list is based on 131 species observed by the ICTIO platform. See complete list of species in Basin names are only shown in the Basin name filter if data exist.

User’s data collection effort

Observations per Species

Information per Species

Information per Species (without species filter)

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