Nestled in Flushing Meadows Corona Park, among prominent locales, such as the Tennis Center, home of the US Open and Citifield, our 11-acre zoo had its prestigious opening in 1968. Home to animals native to the Americas, you and your guests will feel transported to majestic areas, such as the Great Plains, the rocky California coast, or a northeastern forest. Because this zoo attracts native wildlife, as well, it has become a highly coveted bird-watching site.

Just like all of our other parks, our California sea lions are the center of attraction. Their play place makes for a great central gathering location. However, you and a few hundred guests have the opportunity to experience the park’s collection of belted Galloway cows, Flemish giant rabbits and even the tiniest of deer, pudu. We are also thrilled to announce the first Andean bear born in New York City! This adorable cub is worth a visit alone.