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Poster and rice -

Grade A Ibis Rice

Brown Rice (3 sizes)

The 1 kilogram (kg) packet of brown Ibis Rice is a popular item in shops and boutique food stores. Five kilogram sacks are also available. Though restaurants and hotels can order brown in 50 kg sacks, they tend to buy it in 5 kg sacks, to retain freshness.

White Rice (3 sizes)

Most Ibis Rice is sold in 50 kilogram sacks, to hotels and restaurant and to single families. Smaller sized packages of white Ibis Rice, both 1 and 5 kilogram sizes are available in local supermarkets and specialty shops in both Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.

Tourist-sized packages (white only)

The smaller green package of Ibis Rice is carried by participating restaurants and hotels. They will also be found in other places frequented by tourists, such as airports and souvenir shops. The small sacks contain one quarter kilo of white Ibis Rice. Often establishments will have the green sack as part of a display holding Ibis Rice brochures.

Grade B+ Ibis Rice

White Rice (50 kg only)

A limited amount of Grade B+ white rice is generated in the milling process. This rice is composed of up to 50% broken grains. It is purchased by several commercial establishments for their staff cafeterias.

Brown Rice (50 kg only)

With the addition of our second mill, grade B+ brown rice is now available. Currently, we do not have a market for this rice, though many places have started to sample it. One of our customers is thinking of buying B+ brown for a village they have adopted as a development project.

Grades B and C Ibis Rice

White Rice (50 kg only)

These are also by-products of the milling process; grade B is up to 75% broken grains while grade C has up to 100% broken grains.The latter is sold from the mill for fish and animal feed. White grade B Ibis Rice is sold to organzations working with street childrend or those helping marginalized individuals.


You can donate ride to any legitimate organization or family in the Siem Reap area. SMP will deliver the rice and send you an email with proof of delivery - a photo of the recipient with the rice you have given them. This will also be posted here and on the Ibis Rice Facebook page.