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Ibis Rice packets -

Wildlife Friendly pkhamalis paddy rice is purchased from nine villages in Preah Vihear province:Tmatboey, Dangphlat, Prey Veng, Narong, Robhn, Reaksmey, Kunpheap, Chomsre andAntil, and two more in Kompong Thom province: Kampong Veang and Chhouk. Thesevillages are located in three protected areas: Preah Vihear Protected Forest,Kulen Promptep Wildlife Sanctuary and the Bengal Florican Conservation Area.SMP partner, Wildlife Conservation Society Cambodia Program, is working withthese communities and the government to restore wildlife to historical levels.

The pkha malis,translated as ‘flower jasmine’ is Cambodia's uniquely aromatic rice, passeddown through millenniums from generation to generation. It is not a variety buta blend of landraces that makes Cambodian rice uniquely bio-diverse. Thougheach grain maybe different than others, together, it represents ancientselections blended for its aroma. This variety has been named the “World’s BestRice’ for 2012 and 2013 at the World Rice Conference.

Ibis Rice is sold in many grocery stores, supermarkets,boutique shops and convenience stores throughout Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Itnow comes in three different forms: Grade A White, nutritious Grade A Brown andthe newest product, Grade A 55% Brown, which is from the milling process goingfurther than brown but not all the way to white. They all come in three retailsizes: 1, 5 and 25-kilogram packets.

Wildlife Friendly restaurants and hotels in SiemReap and Phnom Penh purchase Ibis Rice in 50 kilogram sacks. SMP also has twoby-products, sold only in the 50-kilogram sized sacks: Grade B+ in both brownand white rice. Give us a call at +855 (0) 17 548 300 for more information.